One Year

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One year,
Of living life in a new place,
Adjusting myself within the space,
Looking out from here within,
To the land of thats promising.
Ups and downs in emotions,
Bleed and cure are the sensation,
Another year that goes by,
Bringing up hope that might lie.
I love it how it rolled,
That never leave me out in the cold,
Even though the sun did not shine everyday,
Rain did sometime makes me play.
Managed to look for who do I want,
Caring her feeling from both of my hands,
Something that I wish that it would last,
That differs from what I had in the past.
Every ending is a new beginning,
Reflecting my life, enriching the meaning,
Facing every new episode with no fear,
Then all be summarized as... One Year.

5 Responses to One Year

  1. lsann Says:
    Timmy, that is so nice, both the poem and the collage of pics. Was busybodying trying to see some pics that i've never seen before and somehow didn't even realise my own pic was there =p

    Wishing u an even better year ahead and looks like there is already a good start to it. Happy 2008! Love u.
  2. Radius Says:
    Thank you baby. Love you too :) :)
  3. man Says:
    Hahahhah..even if you think this might sound like 'jealous craps', but it's not: the 1st pic dat i saw in there was your scandal pic baring nampak ketiak muke sengih homer!hahah..hepi new year bro!
  4. Radius Says:
    Hahahha hepi new year bro.... take care... :D
  5. lsann Says:
    Yup, that is the infamous porn pic. Most prominent and very strategically placed =) Not jealous too.

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