After a while...

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In the last few weeks, my mind had been working overtime just to accommodate all troubles from the smallest trouble in my life till the biggest. Nothing much that I can do except by being thankful and appreciate what I have in my life. It could be worse actually.

My integrity and intelligence was trampled out of anger and you know what? i'm still cool. :D :D

My trust and honesty was betrayed.

I was being disrespected as a friend.

And the most recent thing "based from his blog, he has fantabulous ego".

Actually lots of things in my head that I don't think that I really deserve to face it but somehow sometimes I managed to move that to the positive side of my brain. By doing that i'm hoping that i could learn a lesson from it which i think I did. At least a bit :)

Actually, this is the tone down version of the original post which i had drafted and saved. I just don't have the heart to post it cause if i do, the impact would be real bad. By the end, we all human being with feelings. Even how angry we are, lets try to face it with the proper intelligent way. Sometimes I do pull myself back during arguments just because i was trying to cool myself down from being so rude and I think I did well. Some of you might have known how rude was I last time. :)

Yes, I'm an arrogant, rude guy with fantabulous ego. So? i'm not important enough till the world would get effected by my ego and it goes the same with you, who are not big enough till the world will get effected by your stupidity. So, get a life will ya.

We are all might be working for the same result but im taking different routes. Success is never common and it takes more than commoners to be successful.
Cause.............. The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire (As per today's qoute )

Roger and out.

Some pictures throughout the weeks:

Ini nama dia putih

Ini pulak Hitam (Blackie)

They are the new member in my family. :D

Ini Putih tengah tengok Animal Planet :D :D

Emily Hospitalized

Emily few days before during raining

Emily in the morning from Princess's car at PJ State

Emily at 9:30 in the evening. Heater hose broke

Arrived at ST Wangan around 10 in the evening

Emily on a tow car

This cikgu sekolah is known as...

Princess Sue

Or even Baby Sue :D :D

4 Responses to After a while...

  1. Ah Joy Says:

    Tanya Si Putih kalau kalau dia nak ikut aku balik Shah Alam...


    Ah Joy
  2. nagakeciks Says:

    Banyak kucing ko tim...dapat dek anak aku, abis dipeluknye nanti
  3. Radius Says:
    Ajoy: dah.. aku dah tanya dah... dia kata tak ndak sebab rumah skarang best... leh kawan ngan mak aku dan mak aku slalu kasi diaorang makan sampai tak terbeli aku makanan diaorang.

    Hapiz: Hehehehhehe dah lama aku berangan ndak ada kucing until recently baru dapat
  4. lsann Says:
    Ah Joy, just go and take one from the back lane lar..There are tons there..

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