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okie... Anwar has won Permatang Pauh by 15K+ majority... well.. u all might know it already. If u havent know bout this yet I guess you are not even interested on how is Malaysian politics is going. So, dun bother about it.

The dilemma here is that should I go to Beijing or not? No, not to participate in Olympic which has finished nor to clean up the city from the olympic mess but to work for Matt's new project. The thing is that I already started to live comfortably here in Malaysia. I have my mom, my baby Princess and Emily here beside me. So, what else that i want in my life? more money, yes.

Compare to my previous migration which was to OZ, i didnt have anybody that depended on me that time. I was more off told my mom that I wanna go to OZ and work and then pack my stuffs, call travelling company and there i'm off. But now, the scenario is different. I have my mom who is retired already and depending on me. I love my baby Princess so much and i love the freedom that I have with Emily (minus the expenditure yeah).

Life is about gambling. If you don't gamble in your life, you won't be much different from everybody else. So, should I gamble again? The last time I gamble I learnt a lot from it which put me where I am at the moment so, will this one worth doing?

Emily: I'm gonna sell it. 110K to whoever wants it
Baby Princess: Asking me to go and earn. 1 year is not long.
My mom: (will update you once i got answer from her)
Friends: (Dunno, i dun have much friend. Will ask Ajoy what does he thinks. Congrats on the PS3 dude)

I will update this post again after this.
Roger and out.

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  1. man Says:
    dude, same pinggan as u..dilemma bout career logistic and money...stil havent got a clue yet...kita serupa~...u probably can go for a year, it is like gamble with a little money first, and then juz follow your gut from there..nak ajak aku join project sana pon ok gak..hehe
  2. Radius Says:
    hahahhaha but i'll most likely wun be heading there. Just gonna stay here in KL and continue my life :)

    Life sucks at the moment bro....

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