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I was there at the election as a volunteer even though I didnt even volunteered myself to help :) Anyway, what the heck. Opposition managed to grab 4 more states from Barisan thus making 5 states in the opposition hands already. Congratulation guys. The funniest things are that:

  • PKR managed to take over Selangor (Who could have thought of that? Not even PKR themselves)
  • DAP took over Penang (?????) from MCA and Perak (???)
  • Samy Vellu whose just realised that he was downgraded from Semi Value to Demi Value.
  • Anwar's daughter won Pantai Dalam and push over that some weird looking lady called Sharizat aside.
I didnt even expect the result of the election to be this shocking but I really hope that Barisan Nasional had learnt their lesson. 2004 election, Barisan Nasional won the election with landslide victory. They won even when they put all the goons and baboons as representatives as we all can see in the parliament. It was all because of Pak Lah. Because of his 'clean' image as potrayed by the government. He fights corruptions, he's transparent in everything that he does and he's very Islamic (due to his dad who's a very well known Tok Guru). After 4 years of his administration, seems that everybody agrees... if you are an UMNO.. you are an UMNO. You will still be acting like one, will be collecting lots of money for your own family, corruptions, all those weird transactions between government and private companies. It doesnt matter where you come from, how good your family is, by the end... UMNO is UMNO. They even bribe voters within their own party to vote for them so that they could get the seat that they want within their party. How crazy is that??? It's more of... no trust and dignity at all between them. They might be in the same party but they dont work like one. That is what differs the most about oppositions. Oppositions comes with resume of achievements to woo voters while UMNO comes with money.

One more thing that I couldnt understand about Barisan Nasional is that why are they so racist? Yet they blame the opposition were the one who's being racist. I bet you guys had heard that some MPs were telling Chinese and Indians that if they dont like Malaysia, they can pack and leave back to their motherhood country or... the keris of Hishamudin where he said that his keris will soon would be covered with Chinese blood. Am i making stories? go and check it by yourself on Youtube. Don't be so lazy to check it out. So, are they not racist? nope.. its the opposition who are racist. Malaysia are not built by Malay's alone. For 50 years all races worked side by side to bring this country as it is. Malaysia wont be like this if its Malay alone who had worked on it. Its Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan whatever race here in Malaysia who build this country and there's no way that any Malaysian can ask other Malaysian to get out of the country just because of his race. Malaysia does not belong to Malay nor developed by Malay alone. Get that point straight!!!!. Damn arrogance. What did Malay do? give Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew? For goodness sake, learn from your mistake. Remove all the goons and baboons from parliament. People are not that stupid anymore, people nowadays read and do judgment. So, stop sending those no-brainer, SPM dropout gangsters to represent rakyat in parliament. They all are good for nothing expect making racist remarks to other MPs, asking custom officer to close one eye on some of their business transaction and stealing tax payers money for their own family.

We are Malaysians. We are not known as by our race but by who we are and that is Malaysian. Last week... we were known by our party but now we will be working again as one. As Malaysian. Rakyat has spoken and voice has heard. Lets work again as one and bring this country to where it should be as one.

Proud to be Malaysian.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    Pergghh! Political minded in detail. I have never vote. If I ever vote, I will make a new party call Kambing and instead of doing something, I do nothing.

    Politic is just another way to rule the world. Create differences and finger pointing each other. I hate politics! Sorry for being a bystander. I hate our current political status. Maybe Hatim should make a change.


    Nyeh Nyeh,

  2. Radius Says:
    Yeah bro, just wait for my new party to come. I think i'll use turbocharger as my party logo.

    'Vote for turbocharger for an unlimited speed on the highways!!!"

    Sue was contemplating to vote for me if I ever become a candidate as she said before. I guess she knows her boyfriend more than anybody else. hahahahahha

    Cheers Bro

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