March Events

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Look like it has been a while since i post something here. All the comments started to come already. Hahahhahah. Somehow this month started with lots of works for me. Getting very busy since the start but still didnt stop me from thinking of what's been in my mind. Here's what in my mind at the moment.

My Birthday
I have a private party for my birthday in some island somewhere in Malaysia. This is my first time ever where somebody organized a holiday for my birthday. Usually either party with my colleagues in the office or getting drunk in a bar with my friends but this time is different. A private party. Thank you very much princess!!

I'll be driving back to JB this saturday morning to vote and will be driving back to KL by sunday evening. It doesnt matter much to me to drive to JB just to vote but what matters to me is that I have to be one of the voting official to make sure no fraud or cheating happen during the counting process. That somehow pissed me off. There's actually 2 points that pissed me off on this:

  1. Where's all the party supporters who were noisy during ceramah and by the end I'm the one who have to sit there and monitor the counting? I feel like being used for this.
  2. Why Puteri UMNO is given the opportunity to do the counting where the vote counting is supposed to be clean from any intervention from any parties? It's clearly stated that it's Puteri UMNO and UMNO is a political party and they are the one who's end up doing the counting. That's sucks and by the end i'm the one who's end up going to monitor them. Wasting my time to watch people from committing any fraud.
Congratulation to Ajoy and Mel for their decision to tie the knot this April. I'll be driving back again to JB to attend the ceremony and know what? I'm happy for you guys and i'll be driving there with my Princess and we will attend your ceremony. Congrats again for the decision and we wish you "bahagia sehingga anak cucu".

Apart from that, my life had been the same. Busy in the office playing game with my princess and do work, weekend end up pakthor together and being lovey dovey. I wish you reader a nice day ahead and happy voting!!!

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  1. lsann Says:
    Not private party la, there's only the 2 of us, no party. Sounds kinky too =D More like a birthliday.

    Congrats to Ajoy and Mel too! Cheers!

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