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The pressie that were brought back by Man from Australia. :D Thanks bro, appreciate it!!! Nanti aku blanja ngko makan nasik!!!

My princess's pressie :)

Whats inside? You guess :D

And my new laptop bag, OAKLEY!!!!! The hard shell at the
back make me feel like Ninja Turtles. Hahahahhaha

Nice eh? Cool shit!!!

Thats the update for today. Still drolling over my bag in the office :) Have a nice evening!!

Okie, belanja Man already. Caught him with Fuad at Mid Valley, end up at Teppayanki for dinner. :) Below are the pics

Pic of something

Fuad, Man, Me and princess

Errr.. Tauge?

Better picture from a respectable hands/photographer :D


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  1. lsann Says:
    I know what's inside!! Duh..late bloomer =D Thank u Timmy for the surprise, muaks!

    The princess looked somewhat disinterested cos she doesn't know when the pic will actually be taken, so tired of smiling already =P Bad at having pic taken but good at taking pics. Thank u, thank u..

    When did you take my tauge? Didn't realise also?

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