Chilling Off

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Well, I've been drafting this post for almost a week. Keep updating it whenever the ideas comes and keep thinking about it again and again till it's ready to go online. Probably it's my style where I love to think based on the events thats happening around me and mixed with my arrogance and ego, it ends up as a nice piece of thought that you might or might not have thought about it. It's chilling off. In this piece, you will find my arrogance side as well as the logic side of it. Be your own judge.

Have you ever thought that sometimes something that we are doing either its for fun or not is necessary to balance our emotions? That's what chilling off is about. Every single of us needs to chill off either we enjoy doing or realise about it or not is different story. Let me give an example which I believe most of us aware of. Akademi Fantasia. It's a big thing here in Malaysia as it's similar to American idols to Americans. What's about it? It's about watching it.

Most Malaysian loves to watch it and the producer made millions from last season's show. What does it got to do with chilling off? Well, we need to set our mind that we are actually watching it to chill off and that's all. Not to participate in it. By sending SMSes to the program, we are actually starting to participate in it and moving from chilling off to the next level and thats not good. We are supposed to watch it and forget about it in the next hour or so, not watching it, participating in it and keep having it in our mind.

Okie, another example. Have you ever heard of Harian Metro? Well, I believe most Malaysian knows Harian Metro. Do you know what I think of Harian Metro? It's degrading. I even once set in my mind that by reading Harian Metro, it actually lowers my IQ. Seriously and I even look at people who's reading Harian Metro is actually who have nothing much to achieve in their life except just keep it sail and die. A piece of journalism work(well, thats what they want it to be known) thats made up from imaginations and useless information. Why do they need to have Harian Metro when they already have Berita Harian? So that they can differentiate between journalists and fiction writers. Is it ok to read it? From my opinion, yeah it is. Everybody needs to chill off and if that is your stuff, then read it but as my above example do not take it seriously. When chilling off, you are supposed to forget about it after a while and not becoming avid fan of it.

Opportunist are actually making most money from people who are gullible and stupid. People who are less gullible and aware of the situation that they are currently into wont be spending money much to chill off but actually will be thinking how to make best out of it. Keeping the chilling off level on sight and live the life! Let's look at another example and here im discussing about my own obsession. I love fast cars and by being a fanatic of it, they would be lots of money involved. So, where is chilling off level and when I shouldnt go above it? I almost got myself a second hand Fiat Coupe somewhere last year. For 30 grands cash, I can just hand over the money and drive the machine off straight away. Why didnt i get it? I as well not really sure why. The car looked nice, the power is there, the look is there but somehow i was having problem handling that guy 30 grand cash. Actually my sense of realism just kicked inside my head and telling me DON'T!!!!. Now, with some money somewhere on the horizon, i was thinking of getting a fast machine. Something that i could drive by the weekend and hitting somewhere around 200 to 230 km/h on the highway. Where would this last? All the upgrades, maintenances (have u ever heard of Engine Oil that gonna cost you almost 400 bucks? yeah.. try asking TRUST for it) and petrol. Where would it end? I believe the chilling off level on this example lies on how much do we earn every month, not how much do we have. So, never look down at people who owns Ferrari for an example as somebody who's gullible. He/she might be earning 5 years of your salary every month :). So, i've been thinking instead, why dont I get another house? I've been longing for a semi D house for sometime that's gonna cost me around 700K. Why dont i put my downpayment of my sport car for my semi D house instead and own a new house? What do you think?

Summary, chilling off is good. I'm not gonna tell you which TYPE of chilling off suits you and either its good or not.You name it, recreational drug, alcohol, partying, fast driving, reading, playing game, watching movie / show, listening to music or even complaining about other people!!!! are among the chilling offs that most of us do and by not overdoing it, we are actually balancing our emotions and minds to make us think straight. By overdoing it, we are making ourself as a victim of opportunists. Oh, that might be your 'chilling off' :)

My princess has a chilling off that actually makes money rather than making her looses money instead. I'll tell you later about it. So, what are your chilling offs? Are you loosing money or making money from it?

Below are the songs that bring back memories to me few days ago. Ken Follet, Dex Design, Vision Street Wear, Gullwing, spitfire, GQ and Powell Peralta To name a few. Enjoy!!!

5 Responses to Chilling Off

  1. ab Says:
    aku suka menonton telivision untuk chilling, tapi biasanya aku tengok dokumentari atau kalau aku bosan gila bangak aku main rekod player atau baca buku dan yg paling last tido, memang betul rialiti yg terjadi kat malaysia, yg org2 kat negara nih mmg suka benda kosong dan bodoh mcm akedemi fantasia, slot drama tv3 dan semua pertandingan rialiti lain, ini termasuklah bahan bacaan mcm harian metro, pancaindera dan the sun.
    aku ada terpikir jugak nak main forex dalam free time aku, tapi aku rasa aku akan invest duit aku untuk hartanah, beli dan sewa, kalau aku boleh roling duit tuh dan memberanakkan hartanah beli dan sewa kau, aku rasa ferari pun aku boleh beli suatu hari nanti.
    memanglah semua orang nak duit tapi tak nak kerja dan aku tak terkecuali.
  2. Radius Says:
    I agree with some of your points but for me reality TV shows... Harian Metro.. The Sun... Mastika... whatever crap you name it, is still ok for people to chill out. Go read... free up your mind but as long as you dont become stupid by reading those sudahlah. Few days ago i saw in Mastika (or something similar) front cover a malay girl wearing tudung holding a puppy and the caption was "Jangan Hina Adat Kami" or something similar with that. Those journalist/writer are corrupt, low-life scumbag. They dont even know what are they talking about. Sigh... I dont know if reading those kinda magazines should be allowed in Chilling Out session at all. Think the writer should be shot dead. They are stupid. No integrity

    My 2 cents....
  3. lsann Says:
    Agreed. Reality shows, entertainment mags and entertainment papers (I dunno what u call the Malay Mail and Metro) are ok for relaxing and after a hard day's work when u just want something light. Not meant to be taken seriously or all out in supporting it, especially Akademi Fantasia. People spend so much voting that the results are not reflective of the actual fanbase, i.e 1 fanatic fart sends 200 sms to support her idol. And who comes out of it? Some guy that looks like erm..a goat =P At least Malaysian Idols and OIAM are better singers and not so 'sakai'.

    Which is why we buy another paper for news if we buy the Malay Mail. American Idol is pretty entertaining if watched in the audition rounds, will make u have a good laugh and btw, I think The Sun is ok. It has news though not much and it's free =) Which is why everyone has no right to criticise it cos it's free!! =D

    According the 2007 Media Planning Guide Malaysia (which I am currently working on the stupid 2008 issue), Mastika has a circulation of this.. 236,541 (ABC). That is really really high, compared to Cleo (58,202) and Female (50,000) which I think are popular mags. That translates to 236,541 .. people? Any mag is fine for chilling out, even those celeb gossip mags but IMO, Mastika is really trash and they resort to any stupid story to draw in the crowd. Oh well, so they aren't really stupid stories then, since they sell. Those stuff are really.. trash.
  4. Radius Says:
    Good point there princess!!!. So, why mastika is almost 5 times cleo's circulation? Even cloe's mag, i dun think its that informative as well but at least they are not melalut by showing everybody that they are stupid. I really wonder why can they attract people buying those kinda mags. Must be pretty good businessman earning money by selling trash. I wish if i could sell trash as well to people and make lots of money out of it :D The winner? The opportunist!!
  5. lsann Says:
    Actually it's mentioned there that Mastika's profile are students and casual readers regardless of age. So that says it. Cleo isn't really informative, a casual read too but at least there are real articles in there and not some (IMO) made-up story. Rmb those pages at the back of Cleo that I always show u (wink)

    Wanna earn money selling trash? U can either eBay ur trash or sell them to those 2nd hand shops. It's amazing that people wanna buy ur trash!

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