A bit............. uncertain

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I have a crazy way of spending money and recently i felt in love with 1996 Fiat Coupe Turbo (16VT). Its a nice red coupe with nice turbo and sun roof. Totally fit my description of a "sex machine". I'm so into it that I planned to buy it if I can sell my current car. I should have enough money if I can sell my current car (Kancil) on the market price and the problem here... who buy used car on market price!!! and my problem is that I do not loan. I DO NOT TAKE LOAN!!!. I've been paying cash for my previous cars and i'm gonna pay cash for this car and i'm just short of less than RM 2000!!!. I took a lot of consideration before spending my money like how much money do I have left, how much saving do I have left and the cost of maintaining my new machine instead of my current machine and all those calculations spiked my brain by telling me nope, you are not up to the standard of owning this car. Phew.......... sanity still tick my head.

I'm a bit sad anyway as this good deal dont come often but still.... oh well.. my current car (Kancil) still moves anyway. I've been dreaming of double clutching and heel-toeing while driving my new Italian baby back and forth to my office. Well... by the look of it.. it wont be coming up soon. If I wait a little bit longer, I might be able to afford 20VT engine instead (yummy... max speed is 300KM/H with 6 speed transmission while 16VT is 270KM/H with 5 speed manual transmission). So... i better say goodbye to this baby that almost be mine... but failed at the end.

Attached with this post is that Italian baby picture. She's beautiful and this is the add at motor trader.

FIAT COUPE 2.0 16V TURBO (M) 1996 RM29K red, sunroof, 17" s/rims, new tyres, bodykit, GT-spoiler, cd, low-mileage, service-record, tip-top condition, acc-free, see to believe, call direct owner., call 019-276 1010 (Loc. KL)

bye bye sweet sexy baby...... sigh....

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