Some pics to share

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Some pics to share with readers of what i had snapped few days back

The place where and my Princess pakthor every morning :D

The drink which i always have every morning when im with
my Princess. The tarik halia

Among the first thing that I bought after got my salary.
Filling up my tea collections. New flavors are added and thus are Darjeeling
and Prince Of Wales

Stuffs toy which me and my Princess bought while we were pakthoring.
Mine is black and my Princess's is brown.
Always sitting at co driver seat and can be seen here trying
to teach him how to smoke :D

Sitting at steering wheel at car park :D
What happened to his eye? Punched by me cause he disturbed
me while I was driving

Mother's love :D :D

Nestum for me in the morning!!!

And an orange juice

Packed nasi goreng with prawns for lunch!!!

Hot tea that last hot the whole day!!!

and an apple for after lunch!!!

I'm currently being spoiled by everybody around me with love. My mother, my princess, my friends, my colleague.... gosh... 2008 does start beautifully. Love you all!!!!!

3 Responses to Some pics to share

  1. lsann Says:
    Timmy waits for his princess every morning til he's so bored... =) Now all our peminat knows where to stalk us hahaha =D Love u too!
  2. man Says:
    tumpang lalu...
  3. Radius Says:
    Kacau la Man... aku baru ndak lovey dovey ngan awek aku. Dah.. dah blah cecepat sket... hahahhahahahha

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