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Well, life had been fun so far even though my last month's salary was SUPER late. Just received a call from my mom that my check just arrived today. Phew.... credit cards... bills... all end up paying late this month(for last month). Anyway i'm still lucky that i received it at the end. On the other hand, me and my princess had been having wonderful time together. We went to Morib, Wet World and recently we went to Tanjung Harapan, Klang and end up having seafood for dinner at Muara with my mom. Was a nice evening, no rain and we had prawns, crabs and fish!. Superb dinner and was full till the next day :D

On the other hand, Azman is coming down for a while from Australia and I pesan him to get myself a new laptop bag (and this is a surprise. Different from my usual 'look'!!!) and a pressie for my princess which as well a surprise :D :D

2008 has started nicely for me so far and I'M LOVING IT!!!! (trademark; McDonalds). Enjoy the pics which i snapped few weeks ago and lazy to upload till today.

This what will happend if you leave your phone to your girlfriend who's bored

And more

The one who were bored while waiting for the Dim Sum Restaurant to be open at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi and end up decided to snap her boyfriend's pictures instead(and making fun of him).

My bean tree that is sooooo tall. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago and thats the top of my grill. I repeat again.. THE TOP of my grill.

Another picture of the top of my grill. My mom asked me if i wanna make my room a jungle or what


Those are the very first leaves. Very big already right now. Macam telinga gajah

I added more soil to the mug. Black soil taken from my mom's gardening gunny. :D

Monkey trying to pick up drinking. Here seen with Tiger Beer. Picture taken at Morib while Pak Thoring with my princess

The beer can doesnt come with manual thus the monkeys found it hard to drink. Well, it was worth it I guess. Monkey and a can of beer. Burp.... argh.....................

My new hat which was bought at Pyramid. Nice eh?

Dunno whats this pic for. Taken by my princess. Its about red eyes..... something with blood... with red eyes and yada yada

Christmas eve at The Curve. It snowed :D :D

6 Responses to Okie..Okie.. new post... wallau wei...

  1. Anonymous Says:
    U look so sexy. U are the sexiest clown ever.
  2. Radius Says:
    I know who's comment is this... I know.... nanti kena!!!
  3. man Says:
    baik ko tangkap beruk tu bela dlm bilik..bley die gayut kat pokok kacang ko...weh ape jenis kacang tu?aku pon nak tanam aaa..haha
  4. lsann Says:
    Ok, I surrender! At least u know that ur gf is the only one who finds u sexy =D U really make the perfect clown, ur glasses are so in place! Or is it that I'm a great photographer? Yes I am.

    There were so many nice views esp the sunset by the seaside at Tg. Harapan but u put ur scary humsup eyes pic and snow-less pic hahaha.

    Man, can I ask u what is the surprise pressie that Tim tumpang u...? =)
  5. Radius Says:
    Aku ingatkan ndak tangkap beruk tuh, tapi nampak gaya cam dia plak yang ndak tangkap aku. Tuh yg aku tak jadik ndak tangkap tuh. Kesian mak aku kalau aku kena tangkap ngan beruk. Kacang tuh namanya Mutan Bean. :D :D

    Wei... if Man tell you whats the pressie would be then it wont be a surprise anymore!!!! Kecoh
  6. lsann Says:
    Joh, u said I'm kecoh? Want to fight ah? Come la!!

    U urself are beruk already, what for u bring so many back for ur mum?

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