New addition to My family

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Well, last night Mr Wong of Pandah Indah dropped by to my place to hand me the kittens which he had advertised on lowyat forum for adoption. I messaged him back on his MSN a day after that (yesterday) and by 10:30 at night he already in front of my house with his mom and dad handing me the kittens. I really appreciate their effort to come to my place to drop the kittens from Pandan Indah late at night. We'll keep in touch and i'll belanja you one day when you are around. So, below are the pics of the kittens. They are called Garlic, Onion, Ginger and Pepper (i previously called her charcoal cause couldnt find appropriate name for her but my mom disagree and asked me to change. I changed to shrimp paste (belacan) and then my mom marah and she name her pepper instead. hahahahhahahha). So those are the official names for my kittens. Cute kittens and so adorable!!!



Sleepy ginger


Pepper / Charcoal / Shrimp Paste


Pepper, garlic and ginger drinking water


Garlic bossing around over food. She sits inside the container so that nobody else can eat :D


Oh... im so sleepy (they all woke up at 5 this morning and screaming from downstairs calling my mom). At 7 in the morning, all of them sleepy again.


Onion decided to come over and push Garlic away from the food container


And finally Onion managed to push Garlic out of container


And she owns the container while Ginger watching at the back


Sleepy Onion bwahahhahahahha


So those are the pics of the new addition to my family. Thanks again Mr Wong.




4 Responses to New addition to My family

  1. nagakeciks Says:
    makin bertambah kucing2 comel umah ko tim....

    kat umah aku lak , ade 2 ekor kucing suke singgah...sekor tuh , lepak luar rumah je..kadang2 main2 ngan anak2 aku...

    yg sekor tuh lagik , slamberdek je masuk umah ... aku halau pun buat dek je ...
  2. Radius Says:
    hahah tak juga bertambah la... dulu ada Hitam dan Putih... lepas tu.. putih meninggal.. lepas putih... hitam pulak kena virus.. masuk klinik 3 hari.. pastuh meninggalkan.. tuh yang amik lagi 4 ekor nih...
  3. nagakeciks Says:
    lorrr...mati dah kucing arituh..xpelah , dah sampai ajal

    nanti , bawak aa kucing2 tuh jalan2 ngan emily :p
  4. -Azman Mashor- Says:
    ahaha...niceeee...aku suka yg belacan! ahaha..belacan gak ko kasik name...

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