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So... this is my first post for this blog.

Today, yeah.. it's supposed to be holiday today. Public holiday. But as usual, Accenture / Avanade staffs end up heading back to office and having team meeting instead. The road was pretty empty this morning where it was supposed to be damn busy on normal day and i managed to cut more than 1/2 hour of my travel time to reach my office in KLCC.

Project already been signed off and currently we are just lepaking and fixing bugs here and there when there's one sighted. If not, reading news, playing around with the cosmetic changes of our programs (that we've just signed off) or................ trying to redesign the interface so that it promotes more user-friendliness. Whatever we are doing there... well... it's a bit relaxed now.

I'm heading back to my hometown (JB) probably tomorrow evening after office hour... or.... if i don't feel like it... i might head off by saturday morning. My mom just retired from her career as a lecturer for UTM so, she's gonna move everything from her place in JB to my place and then she gonna move and stay with my sister in Belfast, Ireland.

Few days ago, i've just dump a girl. Or... to be specific.. was trying to dump her. But, she was clinging to me like hell. I figured out that we are having different views and totally living in different world. Her world is like those fantasy movie thingy that u watch inside the tube, where the once frog prince (now some gay boy band prince) end up living happily ever after with the princess who were once mentally retarded as keep being tortured by her stepmother. Well, thats not my life anyway where I believe my life is more real (IMHO) with all the shits that i have to face everyday... crazy clients who keep changing project requirements (hey, even though it's signed, it still doesnt means it final!!!!) and shorten the project timeline and too less money with too much work.

Well, that's all that i can say about me right now. If you wanna know more about me, you can check friendster for my previous blog and some information about me or... my photo blog located at flickr. That's what my last 2 years look like. :)

All the best to you and wish that u have a great time reading my blog.

2 Responses to First Post

  1. sweetperceptions Says:
    Hey! This is better! You know you're friendster blog takes longer to load (or shall I say, I have to wait for more posts here). :D

    Thanks for linking me up.. man, I'm honored!!! :) I must say, this page is cool!! I'll keep dropping by. ;)

    Take care!

    PS: Why don't you just edit the image in your flickr, take out your boss and put your image amidst the beautiful ladies.. just a thought.. hehehe.. Your team is great! Lovin' all the pics!! Cheers!
  2. Radius Says:
    Thanks for dropping by :)
    You are one of my friends that i still have :) :)
    regarding the images at Flickr.. nah.. cant be bothered bout it. Let that ugly, dirty old guy be with the girls and im cool watching. Hahahahhahaha

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