5th Date

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Managed to get my sampin, my songkok and my butang baju all under 1 umbrella (stall). Hahahah how effective is shopping like that? Took us (me and Triple S) less than 15 minutes to get all done. I'm proud of myself. That's what i call... Efficient Shopping. Had our dinner at Korean BBQ in Taipan (yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy). Havent had that since i left Australia. Triple S seems to like it even though its was her first time having it. After dinner, we continue our date in Cheras at mamak. Actually we were waiting for Cinderella to arrive. Her curfew is 11PM and she arrived 15 after 11. Tak makan saman punya Cinderella. The Cinderella is Huda (my old story :D ) and she arrived with her girlfriend and Saiful (one of my mate from Desa Bakti, UTM). Had a nice chat with them and it was fun catching up with them. We head off around 12 back to Klang, end up checking Botanic real estate. Triple S is considering to get a house there and somehow to me, its a very nice neighborhood with the largest Jusco in South East Asia just next door. Good investment :D
We finalized our night at Station 1 in Bukit Tinggi. Had a drink there and continued our chat. During our chat, If you are reading this, I did ask you(Miss Triple S) a question that I do need the answer. I didnt push for the answer because i want to give you more time to think about it. I do not really need the answer if it's not really that pushy at the moment but with my current situation, I think I need more sign of what's I'm involving myself to. Not asking for a definite answer of it (please take more time to think about it) but, just a little sign that will make me stay. That's all. I'm asking this as things would be more complicated after this on my side. Just to let you know.
Sorry if this pressure and disturb your day.


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  1. Anonymous Says:
    How shall I answer ur question? Here, in my blog or via YM??
    Miss Triple S
  2. Anonymous Says:
    here lah...i want 2 know too...
  3. Radius Says:
    Uhm... who is this pelakon tambahan? At least leave your initial la so that we can guess...
  4. Anonymous Says:
    is it necessary? i dunt think so...'pelakon tambahan' always low profile maa...dunt be mad bro...honestly i like 'melepak' at ur page lah...really interesting...:P
  5. Radius Says:
    heheheh no worries bro/sis. Glad that u like it. Anyway one of the next few posts will inform everybody what is the outcome :D :D

    have a nice day
  6. Radius Says:
    no, go and find somebody else and i ask u to tell me when u go get ur glasses?!?!?!

    that's the answer from Triple S. :D
  7. Anonymous Says:
    errr...what exactly the question is?...if u dunt mind...:D

    -Miss 'pelakon tambahan'
  8. Radius Says:
    Well "Miss Pelakon Tambahan", In the second paragraph I did give a hint what was the question were. I wont be typing it here directly so.... use your imagination and more,... all speculations will be accepted but wont be entertained. Hahahaha
  9. Anonymous Says:

    - Miss Pelakon Tambahan
  10. Anonymous Says:
    I dun understand the answer by Triple S. Though I AM Triple S =D So if the author herself doesn't understand, I guess no one will! Safe. So wanna kick him yst.
    Miss Triple S
  11. Radius Says:
    Hahahahha it doesnt really matter who can understand it or not as long as i can understand it. Didnt i say that im the weird one in the last few post? :D :D :D i can understand it even if you dont
  12. lsann Says:
    Oh so u're weird cos u can understand. And are u saying that Miss Triple S is even weirder cos she says weird things that weird ppl understand? Oh, habislah u nanti..!
    Hi Miss P.Tambahan@MPThree =)Keep speculating! At least I know more than u hahahaha!
  13. Anonymous Says:
    hey sue...
    what did u know more than i know hah? share lah with me, share lah...hehehe...
  14. lsann Says:
    U share with me first who are u...Or else secret goes to worng hands hahah! I'd tell u 1 line, u tell me 1 info. Deal? Dun be kedekut la =) I know u're itching to know! Itch itch itch...can't tahan
  15. Radius Says:
    Wow... wow... hold it... hold it... one wanna get more information of the situation :D :D :D and the other one wanna know who's behind the scene. Well.. what do u know Sue? Got spy spying on me ah? Got bukti or not?? hahahahhahh (evil laugh). This is the key for all of the questions

    no, go and find somebody else and i ask u to tell me when u go get ur glasses?!?!?!

    If you dont understand that then you are not weird enough :D :D :D
  16. Anonymous Says:
    errr...sue...emm never mind lah, if u dunt want 2 share it with me...im not kedekut lah...for security purposes maa...:P :P...

    -Miss PT
  17. lsann Says:
    I want to share! But dunno who it is, nanti Hatim malu! =D Security purposes? Hmm..in Malaysia, it's quite safe. Not many stalkers, harassers, threateners and psychos haha!So dun worry =)
  18. Radius Says:
    i can name harasser and threatener within me and i dont mind to call them psycho as well hahahahahhahahah
  19. lsann Says:
    Eleh, u actually enjoy being 'harassed' and 'threatened'. Mulut saja bising. Yada..yada..yada..old ah pek.

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