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Welcome to the second edition of Cooking with Chef Hatim.

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Thank you, thank you very much. In today's edition, I will show you how to cook Ketam Masak Air or known in English as Crab Is Cooking (Boiling) Water. We always thought it's very hard to cook crab as its complicated but seriously they are not, its a lot complicated eating them than cooking them. So, if you managed to eat your crab then you should be able to cook your crab.

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Thank you, thank you. Actually i wrote this script myself. Please take note of that. Any question so far?

Q: How can i differentiate between a crab and a chainsaw?
Crab... uhm... yeah... well... its something salty with claws. So, try to lick each item and if it tastes salty and with claws, the probability of you holding a ketam is high.

Q: Oh... never thought of that. Thank you very much, you are the saviour of my life

ok... ok.. ok... cut the crap. I dunno what do they teach at school nowadays, kids dun even know the basic to differentiate items by licking them. Ok, now lets start cooking

Before we start messing up with our kitchen, we should clean it up first. No point to mess a kicthen thats already messy. So, take some time to clean up and make it look like..............


Well, these are the ingredients for the dish as u can see there are 3 crabs, 2 onions, 2 lemongrasses and a chilli.

Now, wash and slice the chilly like this.

Peel and cut the onion into 4. But do not cut it through, leave it connected as whole. The reason we cut it that way so that its easier for the juice of the onions to come out. So, be gentle with your knife.

Peel, cut and wash your lemon grass. Which part to cut? both ways, top and down. After cutting the down part of the lemongrass and washed, try to hit the lower part of it with something heavy so that it kemek a little bit. The purpose of doing it is the same as the onions, to let the juice flows easily.

The next thing to do is to clean the crabs. This is how to clean it. Hold the front of the crab (where the eyes are) with both of your hands where your left hand is holding the top side of the shell and your right hand is holding the lower part of the shell. Then try to pull them away slowly and it should open. You might need to use a bit force to pull them open together. May the force be with you. Once it open, rinse it with water so that all the dirts are removed from the crab / shell.

Now, put all of our ingredients into a saucepan. All of them. I prefer to stack / sort crabs on the lower part of the sauce pan and then the rest of the ingredients. You, all of them... yes.. just chuck everything inside there. Good. Now, add up some water and make sure it covers the whole thing... It must cover the whole thing while to much water will make the soup taste a bit bland. So, not too much.. and not too less :D :D Put the sauce pan on the stove, lit the fire and let the soup boil for about 10 minutes. Then add salts, taste the soup... add some more if its not enough. leave it for about 2 or 3 minutes and.....

SERVE!!! Please note that Ketam Masak Air DOES NOT COME with complimentary white rice, fried anchovies and remote controls. Just because i havent teach you how to fry anchovies and cook rice doesnt necessarily mean it comes with this dish automatically. If you dont know how to cook white rice, you can either go to the closest restaurant accessible to you and buy white rice from them or... you can always walk to your neighbor's place, carry an empty plate and ask for white rice(u need to work out of your face expression on this trick). Compared to the fried anchovies where it might be a bit harder for you to have an access to it as its hardly being sold in a restaurant, you can always exchange it with bicycle chain or car's sport rim.

Seriously this dish is so easy to make (a lot easier than Cucur Kentang) and so tasty. I managed to finish 3 plates of white rice when eating this. Oh God... it was heaven.

All the best
Good luck!!!

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Thank you.. thank you very much. Au Revoir.

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  1. lsann Says:
    Moral of the story: Never read Chef Hatim's editions at work cos u'll be laughing like a fool at ur desk.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    hahahhahaha... ape kes ni paklong..
  3. Radius Says:
    hahahahah... it was just an attempt to share my cooking experience with u all my friends... kempunan nak makan Ketam.... next one would be...... Sambal Ikan Bilis.. Chef Hatim's style!!!!
  4. lsann Says:
    Apparently too much crapping led to crabbing (or maybe the other way round)
    He changed the template, then called us jealous craps. Dahlah jealous, we're craps now. Boycott!!
  5. Radius Says:
    hahahahahahahahah at least my template doesnt have those anime stuffs!!! hahahahha and jealous some more.... :D :D :D
  6. lsann Says:
    I like anime, cannot ka? Jealous that I've got cool anime is it?Defending myself now, boycott after this!
  7. Anonymous Says:
    hahahha...Mr Hatim jealous...
    lawak lah ko org ni...
  8. Radius Says:
    sniff... sniff... i can smell jealousy!!! bwahahahahhahahahaha
  9. lsann Says:
    Sniff ur crabs la!
    Jealous cos ppl has anime templates and u couldn't find Spongebob ones. Now how's that?
    Why do I keep coming back though I supposed to boycott? Pooh!

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