What I have in my phone

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Actually i'm not really in the mood of uploading all these pics but since budak Syah dah kecoh asking me to upload it, then here you go... no formatting... not organized... I just upload whatever inside my phone

Majlis Berondoi before kenduri + Marhaban + Berzanji

Kenduri kawen

Padan muka kena suruh buat kejer

On The Way

Rumah Hantu

Party Time!!!

Video budak happy

Nice GT Wing

My Pet

Just drop a comment if u feel like to say anything.............


4 Responses to What I have in my phone

  1. Ajoy Says:
    Hey Tim,

    Been a while since I left a jealous crap here. Usually just read your blog and your Princess blogs and smile. I am happy for you guys.

    Thank you Tim for inviting me to your family's ceremony. I am very glad to be the "imported" orang upahan susun pinggan kat majlis orang kawin cum driver. For the first time, I know how Majlis Berendoi takes place.

    Thank you for taking us out to Hard Rock ( I really need that! And need some more right now :( ) Damn... I'm ugly in the pic... :P Megat giler ah! Enjoying himself. Fadly had to lay low... cuz he is driving back to Johore.

    By the way, I was the driver while Timmy was taking the pictures on the way to Perak. If you pan the pic to the right, you can see me driving madly... And if you pan again to the right, you can see Hatim's mom at the back mengucap every time I swerve your Honda.... Hahaha!


    Ajoy GMox
  2. lsann Says:
    Hey Ajoy!

    Yeah haven't seen ur jealous crap here for some time =D So now it's finally stated loud and clear that u were at my blog. Heard stories bout u laughing at trolleys, elbows and molest! Didn't expect u to venture there =D

    I still dunno if the correct spelling is berendoi (Ajoy) or berondoi (Timmy).. and dunno what is it either. Dodoi, I know la. I know dodol too. Other than that.. (shrugs)

    1 drifter like Timmy is bad enough, 2 drifters make the back passenger tergolek from end to end. I speak from experience! That's why Timmy always make me strap up when I'm in the front seat. He made me hit my head once on the dashboard, I think. So bad wan.

    Welcome back Ajoy! Hope to see more of you =)
  3. Radius Says:
    Glad to have u back here bro. :) HRC was fun yeah? :) :) Thanks for coming over with to my kampung. Appreciate it bro. It was a nice ride.

    Princess, think its berendoi coming from dodoi. Nope... nothing got to do with dodol. Well, cant really remember that you hit your head on the dashboard while i was driving. That must be a real bad emergency brake to have your head to hit the dashboard. Its a must to be strapped while you are sitting at the front and recommended to be strapped when you are at the back :D :D
  4. lsann Says:
    Berendoi from dodoi? Who was the one that needs to be dodoi-ed there?

    I think I was looking for something or admiring my beautiful legs til u got enough of it, jealous or yearn for attention and decided to bump my head on the dashboard. No way one can break til the head tercampak there hahaha!

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