Ok this is how it goes...

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Yesterday evening (11/08/2008), i received an MMS from Princess, and this is how the MMS look like

Got it! =) c ur baby sue, so clever to snap =) they gave u new lenses cos d old ones x fit.bt x armani case they said its claimed.if u wan, v can insist later.

This is something that i've been waiting for the last few months. I broke my Armani which I got last year and send it for repair/warranty claim. They claimed that they send the frame back to Italy to get it fix and temporarily I have to use my old Oakley glasses. Me and Princess has been harrasing the optical shop (City Optic) in Bukit Tinggi once every few weeks to check the status of my glasses until last Saturday evening when I went there with Princess, they decided to replace my broken Armani with a brand new one instead. They asked me to come back on Sunday evening to choose which frame that I want cause they dun have much choices on that branch and I chose something that almost similar to Princess's glasses (Princess said its a couple's glasses). By Monday lunch time, they already called me and informing that the glasses is done. Princess picked it up on monday evening and already on my face by Tuesday morning. Xie Xie Princess!!!!

Here are the pics of the new glasses

Nice right?? :D :D :D

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  1. lsann Says:
    It's City Spec la..and can't see the logo at the side. Clearer picture please? I send u a 'self-snapped with timer MMS' and u put it here pulak!!
  2. Letting the time pass me by Says:
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