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These are what i've been reading and following in the last few days:

UiTM slams MB's proposal (The Star)
My Comment: If you want to keep being stupid, go and study at UiTM. WHAT IS WRONG WITH COMPETITION? what is wrong with that?? were EVERY MALAYS that born came with lower IQ than other races? make studying competitive so that we can produce lots of intellectuals rather than some stupid moron who keep begging government for projects. We have UIA and I believe its open for everybody all around the world even though it's name stated Islamic University of Malaysia. UiTM is not Sekolah Agama!!! Sekolah Agama is for Muslims regardless of race but UiTM is a university for Malaysians. Not Malays.... stop being racist for godness sake. I know it's easier to be stupid than intellectual but at least try to learn how to live in a multi cultural society. Actually, I dun even believe in those Malay quota thingy for university intake. If you are stupid enough for a university, then go and study somewhere else you idiot!!!! Look at TMNET, how the service sucks cause lack of competitions or even Proton with government support for them to face their competitors and their quality. Stupid Malays...

p/s: in sports we have normal olympic, disabled olympics and Gay and Lesbians Olympic (well, they do exists). The point here is to highlights the differences between humans so that they compete fairly between each other. Do not ask me why they do have Gay and Lesbians olympic; probably either they are weaker than normal human being or.. they might be actually stronger than normal people. While in Malaysia, we have universities that's available for all races and a university just for Malay. So, since universities is all about knowledge and competing between each other to gain better results, look like UiTM is for stupid students who can't even compete with other races. They are fighting in their own fight :D

Will Anwar sells us out?
My Comment: Well, does he has anything else to sell after what UMNO had done to Malaysia all these time? Even though i don't really trust Anwar as he's an ex-UMNO and for me ex-UMNO is an ex-UMNO. They all act with money in mind but still, he's a better bet than Abdullah Badawi or worse still Najib Tun Razak.
Is he an agent from USA or Israel? Well, if he's befriend with somebody from White House or Israel, we can't assumed that he's their agent. Same thing when Indonesia president lay supports towards him, we didn't call him an Indonesian agent or even when several Ulamaks all around the world signs petition asking his charges to be dropped, we don't call him an Islamist agent who's trying to sell Malaysia to Bin Laden. Talking about foreign agent, when we have several UMNO members and chronies being close to Singapore, we end up loosing Batu Puteh. Now, who's an agent here? and Malaysia end up being sold to who again?? oh..... UMNO. If PKR doesn't work out, we'll bring out another reformation and toppled them down and choose somebody else to lead this country. We still have several more good parties except DAP. I just can't give a damn about the arrogant and rude DAP especially with the songkok issue recently. If you go to somebody's house and required to take off your shoes in order to enter, do u take off your shoes and obey the house rules or simply just walk in with your shoes on? Its just a simple bloody common sense. The same thing here, there's rule and protocol that you need to put songkok when you go and see Sultan in palace, just FUCKING wear it. Wearing songkok is not making you a Malay nor Muslim you idiot nor wearing suit will make you an Ang Mor automatically. It's bloody culture and I don't see you wearing short and singlet during Chinese New Year or attending temple either!! Another stupid moron after UMNO. Sigh....

Mahathir is going to migrate if Anwar becoming Prime Minister
My Comment: sigh.... following Thanksin footstep is it? When Anwar were charged with sodomy 10 years ago, we didnt see him migrating to anywhere and when accused for the second time recently, i think the furthest place that he went to look for political assylum was Turkish Embassy and that is within 50KM from his house. And Mahathir? no proper accusation yet by Anwar but he already ready to pack his bag. I can see that you don't feel like rooting inside prison around this age right? :D

Bringing PAS into UMNO
My Comment: It's not really a stupid idea actually. No, I mean it, its not. One party is fighting for Malay supremacy and then other one is fighting for Islamic state but we have to look properly as in which party that is actually 'honestly' fighting. Does PAS fight for Islamic state since started? Yeah they do. 40 years ago they were still with the same agenda as today and they show very good examples to other states how Islam rules the state by managing Kelantan. No doubt about it even though not all of what they are fighting for already accomplished but they are working hard for it. How about UMNO? fighting for Malay? well, it might be right 30 to 60 years ago but now? Mahathir starts it with cronysm and then follow by Pak Lah. So, their fight is all about cronies at the moment. If you think you can go high by stepping on people's head then go and join UMNO. U might be making billion soon. So, what triggers this Muzakarah? well, easy.... UMNO is hurt at the moment. They are loosing lots of trust from voters and they are afraid that their days are numbered. Thats about it. A very good reply from Murshidul Am Pas Tok Guru Nik Aziz to UMNO and power hunger PAS member "When they (UMNO) were strong, they crushed us but when they are weak then they are asking us to join forces." For me, thats good enough for me to avoid UMNO the rest of my life.

Well... have a nice day guys...

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  1. ab Says:
    the only important thing in my political dictionary is, UMNO = racist, DAP = racist, PAS i just like Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, Anwar Ibrahim never liwat ppl, and Mahathir is the nationalist that blinded with high ambition, everyone else just there for name, money and fame

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