How crap life could be?

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Well, for sure can be worse. Somehow, I think there's a lot more in life that i 've yet to experience. There's a lot more to face. By the end we all can agree that the most experience guy that make use of his experience is the one that most likely to success. 

Shit comes, oh yeah they do come. I already have enough in my plate and I think there's a lot more to come after this. Princess cried after listening to what had happened recently to my life that added to my 'more that I can handle' plate. She was asking if this is something to do with bad lucks that comes for reason, well for me, for sure its not a bad luck. Not at all. I'm a 30 years old guy who needs to make proper decision whenever its needed. Yeah, I might had screwed up somewhere in life and all these bad lucks are resulted from those bad moves. I learnt my mistakes and i'm willing to retract back my move and head towards the right one.

I'm not in a state of a bad luck, actually i feel good of what had happened. I still have my family, my princess and my job. The best thing is, i'm still sain and capable of doing what I want to do and enjoy my life. Shit comes in my life and all I need to do is learn from it. I'm being thankful and i'm optimistic. I'm Hatim and Timmy Tim and i'm aiming high. I might loose what physically around me but emotionally i'm still smiling. 

I'm doing well at the moment with all the shits around me. Love you Princess, please don't feel bad. We'll get over with this and face life together the way that we want to.

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