It's already a year!!!

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Yes, its already more than a year from we first met and a year from that night that we agreed to share our emotions together and called ourself Princess Sue and Timmy Tim. We had face a bit of ups and downs and we learnt our mistakes along the way. We had spent lots of time together by driving around, holiday, shopping to name a few and there's a lot more to come. 

We know that we are aiming sky high,
Differentiating from what's wrong and right,
We know that success bears our name,
Migrating from life what we call the same,

One year is just a ciput,
From the time that we agreed to stay put,
Buying house, marriage to name a few,
Being together is what we both knew,

There's a lot more to come in our life,
With all the problems that we have to strive,
Its not a sign that we can't be together,
But instead a love forever,

Yes it a year full of love and emotions,
For the disease with no potion,
From a year that we started to be together
And now that I love you more that ever.

Love you Baby Princess,
Timmy Tim

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