Am I too much?

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I'm not really sure either that my opinions are really that conservatives or that people around me are really that liberal. Take for example of the recently 2 issues:

Fatwa on Yoga
The link from The Star can be read from here. We all know that Yoga is derived from Hinduism. You can read bout Yoga here, here and here. So, I agreed when Fatwa were put on Yoga but kinda disturbed when reads about people's opinion regarding the Fatwa (which is against me since I agreed with the Fatwa). First we must know that the Fatwa only applies to Muslim so, if you are non-muslim, it does not apply to you at all. Do whatever you wanna do, you may attend church in the morning for the mass then proceed to the Hindu temple for lunch time for the praying and Sikh temple at night. Do all you care but the Fatwa does not fall on you the same as how alcohol which is banned for Muslim's consumption. If you are not a Muslim, drink and eat whatever you want (err... endangered animals are not allowed but thats different issues). I'll elaborate more about Islam as per my understanding later underneath the second issue.

Fatwa on Tomboyism
Yes, its Tomboyism which you can read more from here (Source: The Star). For me, its kinda sitting on thin line between human rights and Islam. On the human right side, people are supposed to be allowed to act and wear whatever they want to. No rules in this unlike murdering, which involves another human. So, taking another human's right to live must be punished but restricting someone appearence that is not falls in what we found right in our eyes somehow it's debateable to me. On my perspective (which is not sharing with Islam but my own terminology; im NOT a Muslim scholar so I dun speak as one), human are created with being either male or female to balance the genders. So, take it seriously is what we all should do.

Of what I believe in about Islam
I'm not sure about bout religions but for sure Islam is not for mockery. Islam is not only about who do you pray to, but as well way of life and that is what most people don't understand. It covers from how to look, what to eat, how to behave till how do you speak to your God. How about other religions? Well take for example Christianity, gay bishop has become common nowadays even though had been practised secretly for a very long time (taken from here but you can get more info about it by googling). So, what is my point? My point is that other religions does not covers the way of life of their worshippers unlike Islam which stated in Quran that homosexual is "haram". Islam on the other hand is very sensitive to these kinda issues, try to imagine a gay Imam? Even tomboyism is already declared as "haram" and I think gay Imam is totally unacceptable. Thats what Islam is about that most people don't understand. Other people modify religion to suit their needs while Muslims need to suit themselve to fit into Islam.

Note: This article is not trying to belittle other religions that I don't belief in nor that this article is a complete thesis of what Islam is. This is Islam in my own perspective.

I dunno, am I taking these seriously / bigger view or people are just not being serious anymore and religion is a trend not a belief?

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  1. babysue Says:
    Yes, religion is a trend, where u can pick which rule u want to follow.

    Mockery of Islam is not allowed, so is the belittling of other religions. Ustaz who rape their students are pretty common too, though am too lazy to search for proof articles. So, there are many things that are also praticed secretly in Islam, and also openly too.
  2. Radius Says:
    I guess the ustaz who did that at the end must be sentenced. Not that released happy living among us. Unlike gay bishop is accepted within the community.

    Practised secretly in Islam? like? I really wanna know. Sounds fishy to me.

    There's nobody holier than thou but im talking about the morale itself. What did people do thats accepted within the community. Oh yeah, for your statement, homosexual is not accepted in Malaysia same with raping. Both actions will be penalized.

    Get my point?
  3. ab Says:
    so maksudnya aku takleh jadik gay ?
  4. Radius Says:
    boleh.. apa plak tak boleh... tapi jangan duk dekat dekat dengan aku la... duduk jauh jauh.. aku straight.

    Nobody is holier than thou.. thus mistakes/crimes happens... make the mistake and face the consequences... :)

    My point up there was that... what's being accepted in the religion and community.
  5. nagakeciks Says:

    Aku bukanlah bijaksana dalam agama , tapi aku setuju dengan apa yg ko nyatakan disini tim...

    aku jarang bace surat kabo , jadik xtau pulak pasal fatwa keatas yoga nih...hampir tersalah taip yoda :p

    tapi tuh lah , seperti mana kau dan aku .. kite semua xde yang perfect .. tapi sebagai umat Islam , kite cube sebaik yg mungkin ... mungkin utk diri sendiri , mungkin juga utk dikongsi bersama...seperti mana yg ko lakukan nih...

    Islam memang merangkumi semua perkara dalam hidup...bergantung kepada kite untuk mempraktikan atau tidak... dan bukanlah perkara yg bleh kaw-tim suke2... ade wajib , harus , sunat , makruh dan haram...

    dewasa ini , banyak orang salah faham tentang Islam , samada disebabkan orang bukan Islam atau orang Islam sendiri...kalaulah , dapat diterangkan Islam kepada dunia .. Islam yang sebenar-benarnya , InsyaAllah , orang bukan Islam akan sedar betapa indahnye Islam..

    tomboy difatwakan haram pade aku patut dah lama diadakan..seperti mana aku tidak menerima gay , begitu jugalah tomboy (yg aku maksudkan bukan stakat cara berpakaian...) ... tak kisah lah orang nak cakap ape .. aku tetap xleh terima , samada sebagai Muslim mahupun manusia biasa...

    Cam ko cakap .. diciptakan lelaki dan perempuan untuk berpasang-pasangan..itu peraturan , hukum alam...cume mase dev sistem berkaitan kuda dulu , aku penin skit...ade 3 jantina

    maaf kalo aku ade salah point , atau tersalah cakap...

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