Just an update

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Well, nothing much had been happening since my last post except a bit here and there. A bit busy writing Facebook apps for somebody and thinking about money for Emily repairs. Emily is almost done... most likely end of this week.. she shud be able to be on the road already. Bill? dun ask, it was RM 2K more since from the first qoute. Gonna get done with it. Below are the pictures of Emily in the repairs. Same pics I had posted on my Facebook as well.

Cleaned Rotor

Rotor Housing

Emily high up

Rotor being cleaned up

So, thats the story bout my Emily.

On the other hand, below are the pictures of naughty Hitam.

Sleeping with me downstairs on the sofa

Kacau mama tengah buat kerja

What? i'm learning to use internet here. How do you type PORN?

Hahahha I love my Hitam. I'm gonna get him a friend soon. Saw some kittens available to be adopted online.

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