Of Wanita UMNO... interesting gossip

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Okie... i'm not really into WANITA UMNO until recently I ended up in a project from my office doing some work for one of them. Since that I need to do some work for her, then I decided to korek a little bit of info here and there from people that I met and knew and some are from blogs around the web.

Okie, we all know that Rafidah is not going to let go her seat; top post in WANITA UMNO till June 2008 where UMNO general assembly is going to happen in March 2008 instead. Sharizat is the one that had been said going to fill the seat once Rafidah step down and currently sitting at the second top post of WANITA. Okie, that's cool if they all agreed to do the transfer of power properly. Both Rafidah and Sharizat have enough nominations to fight for the top post in March next year.

On the other hand, Kamilia is looking to contest for the second top post of WANITA by March next year. So, if Kamilia wins the post, Sharizat will be left with no seat. Cause the top post is still occupied by Rafidah and second post by Kamilia so by hook or by crook, she needs to get that top post. The suggestion from Sharizat asking Rafidah to step down by March next year was answered by Rafidah with middle fingers from both of her hands. You can read it here, here, here and here.

So, thats the reason of all these ruckus in the last few weeks. From my point of view, in order to settle this problem lets get back to the root of it. Rafidah is the main problem. Why does she wants to hold to the position till June? Is there any new big project gonna come so that she can earn the final project of her life and then bury the money with her when she's dead? What can she get accomplished in that short 3 months after general assembly?

Okie, to predict what she has in her mind we have to go back a little bit more. What is the biggest thing that will happen in March 2008 general assembly? Yes, power transition between Abdullah and Najib. Abdullah will go down with his team and Najib will go up with his team. So, how can we relate Rafidah into this? Previously, when Mahathir was in power, Rafidah was a an International Trade and Industry Minister for a very long time (1987 ~ 2008 mind you) until Abdullah remove her from the post that she likes so much. Thats a freaking long time to be a minister. She must be doing a freaking good job then that Mahathir likes her so much and let her sits there managing the ministry (if you compare it to Bill Clinton's scandal, Monica Lewinsky needs to suck him super dry and till the dick falls off in order to stay in the office that long). Since Mahathir, Najib, Muhyidin (just to put his name here) and Rafidah are coming from the same chrony / camp, she is EXPECTING A MINISTRIAL POST from Najib once he come into power. You know, friend friend, chrony chrony, rempit together gether when they were young and helping each other / brotherhood.

So, that's the reason that I BELIEVE that she has been expecting from Najib to honor it to her within 3 months after Najib moved to the prime minister office thus making lots of problem in WANITA today. She's an old great grandmother with 65 years of age in her life and she still want to go for ministrial post. Money and power, you can never get enough. I know that feeling bwahahhahahahah


p/s: Pss... this is just an assumption from me, i dun wanna get blowed up in pieces by C4 later if she ends up taking over ministry of defence... or... locked into ISA if she ends up with home ministry. PEACE Rafidah....

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