Happy Birthday Dear Princess

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Yesterday, 2nd December was Princess's birthday. We met again at a place where most of our memories for the last 1 year lies. Sitting down at Strawberry Cafe of PJ State, chat, talk and some discussions.... and then.. the humble, not so much but from the heart present from Timmy Tim to Princess Sue. Happy birthday Princess Sue, may you have a happy and successful year ahead.
I'm sorry, nothing fancy this year. Hopefully we can have a better one next year.

we've been doing soo much things together this year since your last birthday...

I love you la..............

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  1. babysue Says:
    Thank u Timmy for the present and for the time spent. I love the FCUK so much! It might be nothing fancy but it was a place that meant a lot to me and made me very happy at that time. It's the significance that counts. Wished we could revert to those times again. Love u..

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