Hitam doing yoga, PC fair with Princess and korban

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Last hari raya korban, my mother did a korban at a nearby surau at our taman. So, I went there to help with the process as well as to get to know my neighbours. The event started roughly about 10 in the morning with 5 cows. The rain had been drizzling the whole morning until at 11 in the morning then it starts pouring like crazy. So, i was helping them under the heavy rain. It was fun anyway, tergolek on the field and such.

Photo-0002 Photo-0003

Yesterday, took my baby princess to Pikom's PC fair at KLCC. Baby princess was looking forward to get herself a laptop and internet connections installed at her place. Seriously, there were gazillion of people there and jam packed. Mostly people who were looking for the best deal of computers and accessories. I managed to subscribe Princess to streamyx despite several other internet providers were pushing hard to sell their internet services. Streamyx might be bad but, they are far better than others anyway. So can I say.. the better one among the bad ones? :D :D Princess bought herself a new laptop from Acer for a good price. The laptop came with FreeDos ( a new word which i picked up on that day which means no operating system included). I installed Vista Ultimate to my baby Princess and office 2007. Not sure how is the Dual Core 2.1 GHz and 2GB RAM gonna cope with that but so far yesterday, it was pretty cool :)


Below are the pics of Hitam doing yoga. Hitam is really funny when she sleeps and I snapped pics of her when she sleeps.

Photo-0009 Photo-0010
Photo-0011 Photo-0012
Photo-0013 Photo-0014


Hahahhaha dan cute when she sleeps. That was a very deep sleep cause she didnt even wake up to the sounds of my phone camera snapping her pics.

Oh yeah, this blog was written using Live Writer from Microsoft. Its a new tool that allows you to write your blog offline and once your have internet connection, you can just publish it. It makes my life and my baby princess's life a lot easier to update blogs :)



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