Right now... i just want to mumble

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and you are not supposed to understand it........ well.. unless you are either... Baby Sue or Ajoy hahahahhahah


Lazily woke up to the call of my mom,

I turned off my 6 oclock alarm, and now my 7 oclock is screaming,

And suddenly i jumped out of my bed,

Damn!!! i have appointment with Uncle Bill's staffs today at KLCC,

I ran to the bathroom, mandi kerbau, gosok gigi and put on my clothes and cabut,

Another long day for me sitting down and listening to people membebel in front of me,

While walking down, checked my phone, there were 2 messages from baby Princess,

1 of them is at 4 in the morning.. what is my baby darling doing at 4, not yet asleep,

While walking to pack my bag, i listen to my mom's itinerary for today,

She needs to head to UPM and then attend some classes with her friends... and then catch up with another friends,

She's a one busy retired grandma and happy to have her honda city back,

I started Emily up and a thick white smoke burst out from the exhaust,

Ah.. bloody mineral oil... I should get fully synthetic for my Emily soon,

Once Emily is totally out of the driveway,

Then I figured out that her left rear wheel is flat to the ground,

Dang!!! im gonna miss another appointment with Uncle Bill!!!!

The I straight away decided to wait at home till nearby garage is open so that I can fix Emily,

10 oclock, the mechanic arrived, took out Emily's tire and drove back to his garage,

I called Vedded and told them i wont be joining them,

But somehow she decided to ask me...why? the magic question,

So, I told her my story of yada yada yada yada,

The mechanic arrived back and fits in a fixed tire of Emily, that was fast!!

I drove Emily to his garage and paid the charges and then took Emily to Sunway

Well, Emily is due for her 1,000 KM check soon,

Serviced her with a nice rotary oil and she goes vroom!! vroom!!

Arrived office, checked my mail and progress,

Somehow for some reason, a word of kalabu malami came back to my head,

So, decided to 'google' for it and I ended up with 2 albums and those are Kalabu Malami and Kugiran D'Tepi Pantai, Woot!! Woot!! Woot!!

I'm happy,

Then by 3 while i was happy DPing,

Another call came while my phone was on my table,

Out from the DP Station to my table and pick up the phone,

Oh, a miss call,

Walked to the meeting room and redialed the number that called me,

oh, it was Vedded.... I wonder what does she wants this time?

Well, this time Vedded managed to persuade me to join her soon,

How can I say no?

I don't like to make people sad so I told her okie okie..... i'll join you soon laaaaaaaaa....  wallau...

Then she asked... can i see u tomorrow?

Wallau tomorrow work laaaaaaaaa.... wanna meet also tak sempat sempat

Then because of me... such a nice guy then I said... hao hao.. i'll see you tomorrow

Then tomorrow morning i'll be meeting Vedded...... :D :D

Tak paham? dun bother then bwahahahahhahaha

2 Responses to Right now... i just want to mumble

  1. Ah Joy Says:
    Hahaha... Congratulations Theemm!!! Spiderman's grandfather once told... "with great power comes with great sponsibility"...

    Who cares! Everybody wants power! Happy to hear that you have decided. Hope all goes well bro!

    Ah Joy Kancil Turbowww...
  2. Radius Says:
    hahahha thanks bro, "With great power comes with great responsibility".. thats why I need to turbo charged Emily so cause i think i can handle few more responsibilities hahahahahhaha Take care bro

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