Rushing like hell

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The mood today in the office was crazy. The project was mentioned 2 months prior launching and we have ample of time to work on it. Me, managing the IT part already started working on it once it started to be mentioned and the progress keeps moving depending on the changes until its final. So, the back end of the project actually finished and ran properly before even then front end started being developed.

Suddenly, i was called to the room and being asked why is the front end has yet to be implemented. I was like, hello!!!... we have both head of IT and head of designer involved in this project and how come suddenly you ask me how is the implementation of the front end? Anyway, not willing to argue, I head straight to head-of-design and ask him the status and ask him to start working on it. I gave them the client's requirements and such to follow(which he already has!!!).

Once all is done and uploaded, everything sounds pretty cool so far until I arrived back from meeting at 3PM on the day after that. Suddenly i've been told that client want to see the second pilot of the project a day after the first pilot. I was like WTF!!! First nobody told me that the second pilot have to be done by today and secondly why do you tell me when its designs task and we have head of designer to take the task?

I rushed to the design department and check the status and been told by one of the designer that he needs roughly half an hour to finish it. I was like, ok.. thats not too bad, so i told my client to give me around an hour to upload the second pilot to him. That 1 hour was supposed to be 4PM today.

Now at quarter past 7 in the evening, i'm still waiting for the designer to finish working on the flash program. I just can't believe it. It's already 3 hours from what i promised the client and 3 and half hours since the designer promised me with the application!! Client had been bugging me back and fro for the application and its still not yet alive.

From my knowledge, the designer who's supposed to do this flash application had been day dreaming for the past 2 weeks of nothing to do and yet the head of designer didn't even bother to give him any job. Why can't they hand him the task when it's first signed instead of waiting to the last day. Its ok to do work if you just have the slightest clue of it to avoid any unnecessary rushing at the end of the day rather than sitting down and warming up your chair and this is not the first time happened to projects.

I just can't believe it that this happens again in my project especially when i had already covered my side perfectly well. I got the modules written just by listening to suggestions and ideas rather than waiting till the end of the day and keep making changes on the modules based on client's requirements. Urgh.... now im being pressured by everybody around me to get the project up when its not even my fault. I hate these kinda things....

Remember guys, B3Motor,  B3Clothing,  BCMS, Tracker, B3Mail, etc. Those project are not meant to waste your time, but to save your valuable time later on and will give you less pressure when its closer to the launching date. No overtime is necessary. Do early, finish early and when it closes to the UAT, the only thing that you do is bug fixing. Not building complex modules of unfinished functions!!!

I'm stuck here not because of my mistake but because people who ignores to learn from their mistakes. I'm a Technical Manager not a Project Manager. I can be a Project Manager but as long as i'm the sole contact for the project then I don't mind. Not by having pieces of information scattered everywhere and expect me to know everything by looking at people's face.

To someone who will soon be doing this at my exact current position soon(you take my word for this, and you'll remember this when you are at my seat). I know you might be reading this and seriously do learn from this mistake and take care of your staffs properly. Make sure you know what are they doing and what is your boss expecting from you (project management, technical management, development). Seriously this will shoot your blood pressure sky rocket high by working with the incompetence so called staffs.




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