Last weekend assignment

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My mom is coming back home tonight and might be by the time that you read this, she's already home with me. She's coming home permanently and she'll be living with me in Cheras. I'm more than happy for my mom to be home as I feel better when she's around and i would be more in control of myself. Love you mama.

One big thing that I have behind my head is that I need another car. My next car would make me relying on my mom almost 40% to pay for it and i'll continue the rest of the instalment from my monthly salary. Seriously I dont even know how much money will my mom fork in for my next car. I'm hoping at least roughly 40% of the car's price. I'm looking for more of a daily drive car where i would be driving to office back and fro and if possible will be driving to Kedah with my mom once in a while. Even though it's primarily for first car, but I dont mind to drive a beaten up kancil to office everyday and take my baby car out only for the weekend (that means my baby car would be my second car for those who lacks of understanding). Well, you know dating..... drifting and racing if possible :D :D :D (besar angan angan). Running cost is the highest priority and that includes insurance, road tax, fuel consumptions and maintenance. For example, a 1 year road tax for a 2 litres engine is Rm 3++ but 2.5 liters engine is Rm 1700 (there goes Skyline from my list). So, thats among the consideration that i put in mind. Another consideration is that fuel price is expected to double next year.

I've been eying on Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 Selespeed for quite some time and Dieba's sister was putting on sale once and it went for RM 50K. The maintenance for Italian car always expensive and not sure if i'm really up to it. Why 156 Selespeed? Well, it's more of killing 2 birds in 1 stone. Its sporty and yet 4 doors and enough rooms for back seat passenger. It could be a good car for a long term. The car's age is roughly from 2000 to 2003 and price range is between Rm 50K to RM 70K depending on mileage and condition.

Another car that I thought might be a good choice is that Volvo S40. For me, S40 is not a bad idea. I can get it very cheap here in Malaysia for roughly RM 40K to RM 55K thanks to low second hand value for Volvo cars. The maintenance is high and fuel consumption is as well high. The upside of the car is that its very comfortable and durable. Engine size is 2.0 and comes with 2 versions; turbo and non-turbo and turbo car is roughly RM 5K more expensive than non-turbo car. The design of the car is not really that bad as it doesnt really potraits the old style of Volvo but more into young executive kinda style. So, it fits me well. The year of the car is between 1999 to 2001.

Another piece of equipment that caught my eyes was Toyota Rav4. You can't go wrong with Rav4. The retail second hand value for year 2000 - 2002 is roughly from RM 70K to RM 100K. Engine size is 1.8 and 2.0 automatic. I found it's cute and im not really sure how it will fit into my lifestyle but somehow I like it. What do you think? Feul consumption is not bad as its not as light as normal car. So, expect to pay a little extra for feul. I think its well priced compared to the original price when it's brand new. So, i might be considering this one.

Let's move into a higher end grunt car.

Silvia has been my dream car for a while. I'm not eyeing on Spec R, even Spec S Silvia S15 will do. Had been dreaming that car since i was 19 while playing it in Gran Tourismo 2 on my PS1. Silvia S15 is a drifter's dream car next to Toyota Ae86. Had been dreaming of owning and drifting it. Sigh. Please please please make it affordable!!!.Actually I already sat and drove this car once with my mom next to me while we were in JB. That was when I havent bought my house in Cheras yet. Was comparing this car and Toyota MR-s which my mom likes best. Its has 2 litres engine (SR20DET, oh mama.... droll) and can be choose either Turbo or NA with rear wheel drive layout. Imagine having a Vielside GT Wing and deep dish rim at the back. DROLLLL!!!!!!. What a sweet car!!!. The weight distribution is PERFECT thus becoming the most popular car for drifters. It's a fast car, the response was fast and I can't think of any reason why shouldnt i drive this car if I can afford it. This car is priced between Rm 100K and Rm 140K which puts it in the same category as Skyline R34 GTT which as well falls into my consideration. The year of the car is 2001 till 2003.

Another one that at the end of the consideration is Honda Integra DC5 Type R. The power of Naturally Aspirated, heavily tuned V-Tech engine with 7000 RPM at the readline. The reason why it's at the bottom of the list is that it's just too bloody EXPENSIVE. The price range is RM 120K to RM 170K and for that price i can even get an S2000 or even an NSX!!!!! But for sure it's a a sweet car with its heavily tuned 2.0 engine, the perfect car on the road for sure. Champion white(trademark color for Type R cars), with nice black GT-Wing at the back is just marvellous. I dont think i would wanna buy it even if I can afford it as the price is just too high and you can get almost similar car with lots cheaper price. Bloody Honda. Can somebody please donate it one to me please? please please super please?

Few cars that already out of my list are Fiat coupe which somehow right now is just too ugly for me(as in my mood, but somehow its the cheapest sport car that is affordable which puts it back to my consideration list as a back up plan hahahhahahahah), Mazda RX7 FD which the rotary engine is not stable and cost lots of problems, Honda Civic EK9 which I think I better end up with Alfa Romoe 156 rather than something that's 10 years old but still hot. Latest Celica is not a bad idea but the design is somehow too futuristic, not really into my liking. Altezza is not a bad idea even though its not very much in use anymore at the moment.. i might consider it.. and i might not.... VIOS? uhm.... yeah... well....NO!!!!

If you are reading this, thats means either you are one of my friends, my girlfriend (hey princess!!!) or my X-girlfriends :p :p then the possibility of you sitting on the passenger seat is high. Then, cast your vote as which car you prefer the best and i'll consider it and will start to nag my mom once i make my decision. Once voted, please dont forget to pray for me to get that car and leave me a message saying that you already pray for it as I will take you for a ride once I own the car. Promise. Dead serious.

p/s: Gemuk, fyi, you and your obession to Triton is not appreciated. Please come up with a better suggestion. Hahahahahahha padan muka

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  1. eric Says:
    i think "persona" will be nice for u..bwahhaha just kidding..

    go for either R34 GTT or S2000 if ur budget is allow

    i think that 2 cars best suit you, why? dont ask why just buy it!

  2. Radius Says:
    Thanks bro.

    R34 GTT
    Well, it's a hot car for sure but as we talked just now in the office, the road tax is just way over the roof and more the insurance of it just too high. Look like a month of my salary have to be use to pay it every year. Its hot for sure, you can easily get a hard on by just looking at it.

    Well, thats more like it. If i can afford to pay Rm 140K then i might get it (juggling between DC5 and S2000). But, i think i'll get it as i'm a sucker for a convertible car. Hahahahahhahah

    cheers Bro
  3. ab Says:
    have you see moded triton with sport kit?, i think you'll be like, fuck cars im gonna get truck, but if you insisting me to make a choice I’ll say go volvo, you can never go wrong with it, Japanese car is good, but everyone have it so, what’s makes u unique?, Volvo cars always have the potential, looks and if you go for second hand its cheap, you can mod it, it fit with many sports kit, they even have their own series of race in Europe, anyway i like it because my uncle has one since im 17, every time i see him driving it i will always tell my self im gonna get it one day, but priority changes im gonna get me a triton in short time.
  4. azman Says:
    ya tem, triton look like badak hensem with sport kit! they are anywhere in my area..can rempuh mat rempit and lenyek them like ur cucur udang haha..neway, go for ur dream car mate, silvia s15!u were driving and drifting them in brizzy before (remote control car), why not make it happen this time since u can afford them and look perfect for u drive it as long as ur shirt on!-man
  5. Radius Says:
    Well.. volvo is nice. Seen the pictures and yada yada but after chatting with my friend (Suda, He drives one) the maintenance is just too high. Service always cost him a grand each the wont normally make any problem but if he is then you will need to fork up at least 3 or 4 grands. The parts are just too expensive. Think might even have to remove it from my list. Sigh...

    Memang Triton ngan bodykit memang nampak cam badak hensem. Hahahahahhaha. S15 yeah? S15 sounds like a very good choice but for long term commitment... uhm... 2 doors car with dog seat at the back.. sounds like a hard decision.

    Offline suggestions that were from SMS and phone calls:

    Lydz: She's suggesting R34 GTT Skyline as the first preference and Silvia for the second preference. I tell you what, if i manage to get that Skyline, I'll buy you a flight ticket to come down to KL and i'll drive you around with it. Promise!! :D :D

    Dieba: She was suggesting Volvo S40.. out... and then... some Honda Civic (current generation).. out... and then... Toyota Camry (current generation).. out... and then.... she was mentioning "well, I think my sister still havent managed to sell her car and it's still around. Do you wanna check out?" :D :D and here it goes.. might be checking on Alfa 156 soon... but no decision yet :D :D

    Cheers guys
  6. Anonymous Says:

    what a twat!

    work as a "manager" BUT cant afford to buy DC5... and still asking mom to pay..


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