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Well, pictures here are some of my memories with Halim and Takumi. These are pics from Byron Bay, Queensland. It was nice time down there guys.... really enjoy spending time with you all. I grabbed these pics from Halim's Photo blogging. Visit that place if you guys have time.

At Byron with Azman's wife, Azman, Halim and Me

Ikan paus kekenyangan

Me and Halim cooking at home. I really miss SouthBank dude.
That's the best place to live

Halim and his baby scooter

Halim terasa macam macho

Megumi (i think thats what she's called, she's with Orochi Japanese Underground Metal Band), Me, and Halim. Pst, how come we dont have any pics of Miki?

Takumi, Halim and Me

4 Responses to Memories

  1. ab Says:
    the ikan paus kenyang pic is actually me gasping for air and trying to be alive and almost have a heart attack, but everything is worth it, after conquering the east tip of australia.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    Ho hooo byron bay...that was the last time i've been there with these im in d middle of nowhere..hardly can find water ere..nice memory guys!-azman- (siot tem lupe name awek aku ler tu)
  3. Radius Says:
    well, bukan tak ingat Man.. lupa.. aku rasa nama isteri ngko... something like.. Misha.. Nisha... Nasha... or.. something similar to that. Tuh yang malas ndak tulis tuh.. karang kang salah hahahhaha. Sori la brader.
  4. lsann Says:
    Nice place, nice home, nice hair.. =)

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