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My Raya Resolution

Well, Hari Raya just passed and somehow didn’t mean much to me at least this year’s Raya. First Hari Raya I end up sleeping at home and then do the laundry, clean the kitchen, vacuuming the carpet at lounge and you know, all sorts of housework stuffs. Not much mood for celebrating and the spirits were somehow not there. Listen to several Raya songs and bored like heck. They’ve been singing the same song again and again since I was young except different singer.

On the Raya morning itself, early morning to be exactly, I was with Triple S lepaking at Mc Donalds till dunno when. Think I arrived home around 3:30 that morning. Well spent time. Second Hari Raya was better. Went to Bukit Tinggi (Pahang, next to Genting) and met with Sue Ann and her family there. Bukit Tinggi was kinda interesting with theme villages like Colmar Tropicale (French Village) and Japanese Village. I was at Colmar, brought my comic books with me and tried to find a place to sit in one of the cafes but they were too many people that day that I couldn’t even find a seat to sit and the rain was pouring the whole afternoon. Rather than waiting for the rain to cool down, I decided to head down and drive back home. Ajoy called me while I was back at home and met him at his place later that night and end up beraya at his place. It was nice eating burasak and ketupat and as I havent had that for quite some time.

Raya Resolution
These are my raya resolutions
• I will hold myself from smoking when I’m with my mom and Triple S. That means if I’m beside Triple S for 24 hours straight, I wouldn’t be smoking for 24 hours.
• I won’t smoke inside my house except inside my room and outside of the house.
• Less alcohol. Less to the level of once a month or none within a month (30 days).
• Will focus more into work and start to plan for my next 10 years plan.
• Will appreciate people more and will treat them the way they should be treated.
• Drive slower and try to organize my time better (usually, fast driving = bad time management).
• Every time when I’m not doing anything, try to think what I should be doing by that time that would improve quality of my life.
• Workout. Start to move my muscle in gym, badminton or by cycling.
• Will make sure everyday after I wake up, the first thing to do after I put my feet on the floor is to do push up.
• I will try to be more discipline and stricter to myself (in spending, entertainment and self improvement) after this.

Well, I can see that this pre-new year resolution is focusing a lot into mental improvement and discipline which are lacking in my life. I really hope these resolutions are giving me an overview of how I will look like in the next decade. It’s all improvement. I’m going to improve slowly after this.

Below are some pictures which I took in the last few days and today.

p/s: Dont ask me why does the pictures go down below. I tried to fix it up on the HTML but it just doesnt work. Stupid template. It just that if you upload the pictures before writing anything it will somehow put 2 extra break lines on the top and you cant even remove it.

My car reaching 99990 kilometers. I forgot to snap pic of it when it hit 100000Some entertainers at Colmar Tropicale looking for eat (tengah cari makan hahahahahah)

Statue from France government thanking Malaysia government regarding tourism especially on the Colmar Tropicale (The French Village) Same shit as on the left
View from 66th Floor on KLCC during heavy rain

AmBank in Ampang before the rainAmBank in Ampang during the rain

KL Tower before the rainKL Tower during the rain

Public Bank Tower before the rainPublic Bank Tower during the rain

11 Responses to Crapping

  1. lsann Says:
    1. Doink! If u're with Triple S 2 hours a week, then u are only refraining for 2 hours a week? Doink!

    2. I know tempoyak, budu and tempe but burasak? Had to google it. So who's Bugis here?

    3. How come I didn't see the French government statue thingy?? Not fair!

    4. Lastly, my pictures are lovelier than urs!! Go check it out. Yeah jealous crap yada yada, I know =D u're going to be the jealous one next!
  2. ab Says:
    Burasak is nasik himpit wraped in daun pisang and biasanya di ikat 5, kalau nak makan burasak yg best pegi paso pontian, mesti ada punya.
  3. Radius Says:
    1) For your information, i'm spending more than 2 hours a week with Triple S. Roughly 5 hours and its getting more and more (fighting with the urge :D :D. I'm going slow. Hahahhaha)

    2) Well, Halim already answered it to you. Claim ourself from Pontian and don't even know Burasak, Ceh!!! :D

    3) Told you not to stare at those hunky handsome guys and pay more attention to the landmarks and view (and im one of the landmark of that day).

    4) Your pictures are crap cause doesnt include those french statue thingy. Hahahahhaah

    Enjoy your day guys.
  4. Anonymous Says:
    borrowed ur raya resolution:D:
    'Will make sure everyday after I wake up, the first thing to do after I put my feet on the floor is to do push up.'

    p/s:mesti dh boroi nih:))

    -Miss PT
  5. lsann Says:
    Ok, retaliation at last!

    1. No comment. In no position to. And u actually count the hours haha

    2. Hello? I'm not from Pontian! When did I claim to be? Halim, takde pun kat pasar Pontian? Or the pasar I went to isnt pasar Pontian? Seems far away, probably pasar Pekan Nanas la =D

    3. I did pay attention to u =D U asked me not to stare at handsome hunky guys and to focus on the landmarks a.k.a u instead, tahu pun that u're not handsome nor hunky and a landmark pillar instead muahahahaa....

    4. Malas wanna argue with u. All u have from Bukit Tinggi are pillars and statues. How boring.
  6. lsann Says:
    Part 2:

    At least my ANIME template doesnt leave HUGE spaces between the pics and lines.

    Padan muka!!

    Btw, why is there so many people from Pontian suddenly? All from Pontian, please stand up?
  7. ab Says:
    lol, im not from pontian but my ex was she ending up marring another guy, if you dont know pasar pontian try pasar tani pontian, but since the festive season of raya is over forget about it, try next year.
  8. Radius Says:
    Miss PT,
    Bukan boroi la.... makin hensem... hahahhahaha

    Halim is actually from JB but Pontian is not a strange place for him. So, he knows what he's talking about. Burasak can even be found in Pasar Tani in Tmn U or Tmn Sri Pulai. Saw it before.

    Malas layan you lah. I'm thinking about my retaliation plan right now. You will see it coming sooner than you can ever say.. WHAT????
  9. lsann Says:
    I didnt accuse Halim of not knowing what's he talking about..Just said I dun remember which pasar I went to =) There's 1 pasar tani in Pontian town every dunno-what-day too, isnt it? Dun care la, bukannya nak beli pun.. =D

    I already said that I malas to layan u, and u replied the same thing. Pooh! Not handsome, makin poyo in fact haha!
  10. Anonymous Says:
    hahaha poyo...

    hatim = poyo
    poyo = hatim

    huiii match lah...very synchronize maa... :P

    - Miss PT
  11. Radius Says:
    uhm....... JEALOUS CRAP!!! hahahhahahahha

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