In The Wake

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In the wake of raya, lots of stuffs did happened as I think to prove the existence of God. Monetary problem and cleaning up my personal life from people who carries headache are the main agenda and somehow are the biggest challenge that I had to face yesterday, today and the coming next few weeks. Well life sucks hey... they do sucks. I knew that I was playing with fire since the beginning. I knew that and it was possible for me to pull myself away by that time but decided to play look and see. It was a stupid decision that I made and I regret it. Now, i'm battling to remove it from my life. Shit. Should have listen to my inner self before. Should have.

Anyway few good stuffs happened as well at the same time anyway..... like... Sani from JB called me. I havent met him for like.. 7 years. He's one of my cycling mate for JB team. We were having a good time chatting together on the phone and catching up stories regarding Pak Din, Mat Taib, Peie, Faizal and the rest. I do miss these guys and always remind me back to my old time. The second good thing happened was that I picked up my glasses yesterday. My Armani glasses. I like it even though i found the Armani emblem was kinda huge (Triple S called it Bling Bling hahahahha) anyway it was cool. It was cool. On the way picking up my glasses my X called and was saying that she has several free cigars for me(she works for Cigar import export company). Well, i havent had cigars for 2 months so far as i was saving my money and now... 5 sticks of free cigars... hand rolled :D :D Thank you very much.

So, it was mixed of feelings yesterday that i was almost down to the floor pressured and then added more headaches (seriously headache is the last thing i wanna have in my head when im pressured) and i tend to flip easily if i'm pushed during my down time. Some people are just too blurred to understand this. So, during those times then comes all the happiness that soothes me down like crapping while having dinner with "the one" and free cigars is another one that did spark my life. Thank you for all the troubles and love. I mean it. Thank you again.

Selamat Hari Raya
I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all readers, my friends and enemies (which I have a lot) and Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Please drive safely to your hometown, do not speed and please follow the speed limit as been set on the road which has been reduced to avoid more fatality during festive season (Highway: 180KM/H, Normal Road: 150KM/H). Please check your car before the journey and make sure the handbrake are working properly which are needed for front wheel drifting and the car's spoiler are GT Wing as been approved by Wangan Underground Racer Association. I wish you have a safe journey heading back to your hometown and back to your place. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.

Lagu raya for u guys called Suasana Hari Raya. My plan for raya? Me and Miss Triple S has decided to drift together in the middle of KL when nobody is around. I'll be driving my Honda City and Triple S with her Toyota. Check Buletin Utama on first and second night of raya to see if our face are there.

This song represent a Hari Raya open house so by putting this song it means that i'm not entitled to have another open house after this for this raya. Consider this as my open house. Enjoy the song and your own raya cookies :D :D

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