Gosh... what a mixed up of feelings

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This is a poem that I got from my princess and below it, is my reply. She calls it "berbalas pantun" in english.

From Her:
Timmy, Timmy where have you been,
Signing in and out is all that I’ve seen,
When will you return,
I scratch (my head ya!) in frustration
And “baby?’ shows that u’re back into civilization!

My Reply:
Baby, baby have i gone missing?
Suddenly idle while chatting,
Crap connection that leave me alone,
Everybody here must be downloading porn,
Now heading out for lunch on my own

"Berbalas Pantun" in english with my Baby :D :D :D

I'm kinda confused. Feel very much in love but at the same time feel like being betrayed. Been missing somebody so much but at the same time holding myself from seing her (for the sake of relationship). I feel like I actually do have a partner where at the same time i feel like i'm in a dream. Think i'm strong enough to deny any emotional thoughts and feelings but actually im bleeding inside. Think i've done enough for myself where actually i've done nothing. Think what i'm doing right now is for my own good but i'm doubting it. I already left all of my past behind but it's still haunting me from time to time. I already quit marijuana, slow down (very much slow down) on alcohol and slowing down on cigarettes but people still use these to judge me (sigh...)I use the strength of my relationship to deny my addiction towards cigarette and hoping thats how it should work. I see my mom as the perfect woman for everything and yet i feel pressured by her.

Me and My Mom,
Yesterday, after picking up my mom from her friend's place we end up doing window shopping. What did we shop? Cars!!!! :D :D :D. We were somewhere at Jalan Kuching checking out RX8s and Skylines and then we moved to Cheras and checking out cars there. It was fun, saw several GTTs, DC5s, Silvias, Fairladies and Celica VVti. My mom was pretty cool with all these cars and were talking with the seller asking for lowest price that they can give to me. By the look of it, she's really interested with the Skyline GTT (especially the black one) where she thinks it's more "garang" than Silvia / DC5. Hahahahahhahahah I love my mom. That's how we spent our afternoon together. Was joking with her asking her to get Accord Euro R for herself so that she can drive 200KM/h everytime when we head back to kampung :D :D :D.

On the fun side,
Last friday, Amran took us for a ride. With his new baby, RX8. Oh man, it was marvellous. The torque and everything. It is an automatic RX8 but still it produces 190 BHP and lots of torque. It was beautiful. Superbly beautiful car. He took us for a drive to cyberjaya and was zig zagging on the road at 180 kilometers per hour. It was fun!!! The grip, the suspension, the turn... pergh.... Tell you what... i'm getting Silvia. I will get the Silvia. I will even drive a Kancil until my mom says that we have enough money to get the Silvia, then I will get the Silvia. There's not much time left for me as I need to get married soon and such so, before i end up getting married I'm gonna have fun with this japanese babe. Below are the pictures that i took of that RX8.

Picture speaks of thousand words. You might gone deaf already listening to those pictures above. Bwahahhaha

10 Responses to Gosh... what a mixed up of feelings

  1. man Says:
    hatem, poem dedicated for you n ur baby:

    Pohon selasih tumbuh melata
    Tumbuh diperdu pokok sena
    Sepasang kekasih mabuk bercinta
    Siang merindu malam merana

    dats y u r 'emotional' now...or in bahasa, 'jiwang' woooo...
  2. Radius Says:
    Oh.... nih balasan aku.....

    Pohon selasih tumbuh melata,
    Tumbuh juga disebelah Land Rover
    woit, saper kater aku mabuk bercinta?
    mixed feelings come from all sort of stuffs together

    :D :D :D

    Ha... saper lagi yg ndak berbalas pantun ngan aku.. jom!!!
  3. ab Says:
    aku malas nak comment benda2 jiwang nih, tapi sebenonye dua org commentor di atas memang sedang mabuk bercita, so pantun adalah style bertutur kedua mereka apabila mengadakan temu janji atau sedang melakukan perkara2 maksiat, apa yg boleh di-comment di sini ialah, kalau dah ada calon cepat2 lah kawen jangan buat maksiat lelamam, aku bukannya jelous aku ada 2 naskah buku sajak yg aku tulis sendiri dalam bahasa melayu dan english dan belum pernah di publish dan tak ramai org pernah baca, kalau setakat awek tuh senang carik, tapi stok2 kawen tuh dah takde.
  4. Anonymous Says:
    "kalau setakat awek tuh senang carik, tapi stok2 kawen tuh dah takde."

    ade r.. kawan² kami ade je yang suci murni.. cuma antara kamu jumpa tak jumpa aje..

    paklong.. happy nye dia.. mabux love la tu.. deny² le plak..
  5. Radius Says:
    Woit... yg ngko grumpy nih kenapa? Datang bulan ke? Kalo stakat sajak pasal scooter apa citer. Yup, I agree with you, awek ramai tapi yg nak buat isteri tuh susah nak cari. Cuma nak kerja keras sajalah. :D :D Jgn asyik tunggu orang jauh saja, Peranchis ngan Malaysia tuh jauh, bukannya bleh buat stock kahwin pun. Hahahhahahah

    Hahahha mabuk love ngko kate TZ. Nih tolong Pak Long carikan your friends yg baik-baik, beriman dan pakai tudung untuk my best friend si Halim nih. Tenkiu :D :D
  6. tz Says:
    blog budak kecik? tak macho r kami paklong..huhuhuuhuh
  7. Radius Says:
    Heheheh abih? Blog orang tua? :D :D
  8. tz Says:
    huuhuhuhuhuh.. paklong jahat...uhuhuhuhuhuhuh
  9. anaknaga Says:
    blog budak chubby lah sesueii...jgn mare arr tz
  10. Radius Says:
    Oh... dah Tembam dah makcik TZ nih eh Anaknaga (Keturunan Dragon Ball ker apa ngko nih?)?

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