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Well, my week had been nice so far. Below are the summary of what had happened:

My Princess:

Spent time with my princess in Genting during Deepavali. We started our day by having Dim Sum breakfast at Klang Executive Club together till 10:30 and after that we drove slowly to Genting. The journey up was nice as my car was responding nicely throughout the journey. Taking sharp corners was a breeze in my City :D :D :D. Most of our time were spent at First World Plaza walking back and fro. My princess has been asking for Theme Park but i was kinda reluctant of spending my time outside. It was warm and comfy enough inside First World Plaza until 3:30 then i decided to head to theme park and while walking there suddently the rain poured down heavily and my princess started pinching me because it was my fault that i didnt want to go there earlier. Hahahhaha sorry baby, next time when we head there, first thing we do there is Theme Park :D :D Sorry sorry sorry. Arrived back home almost 10 at night... tired... head to sleep straight away. It was a nice spent time with my princess.

Job Interview:
Got a job interview from Securiforce for the position of Technical Manager. The offer was good, the position is ok (so,so), the future? well.. nothing much exciting stuffs there except same stuffs everyday, the environment is kinda.... very lame (please.. do not kill me!!!!) and i dont think i'll accept the offer. I'm still waiting for something else.

Below are the pictures that i managed to snap during this week

Is that stupid spoiler comes as standard on Proton Saga Aeroback? It looks super ugly. Super super super ugly. Didnt Proton even learn anything about design? as in what people like... how the car should look like rather than chuck a piece of wood behind your car and call it spoiler. When people stop buying their cars then they start complaining that we are not patriotic. Stupid company. I'm kinda imagining what was Proton's CEO reaction when he first look at that spoiler for the first time, he must had gone like "oh my god!!!!................ look how cool it is!!! it reminds me of a tree behind my house at my hometown.. we use to climb that free.. and my brother felt down once.. yada yada yada yada and it goes on....". So, thats the story how Proton Saga got that stupid spoiler.

A lorry that fell into a ditch while trying to make a u-turn at Balakong Industrial Area. It's such a small road and lots of cars are using that road every morning and all u need is one stupid lorry to make a joke and massive traffic jam is created. Oh yeah, Halim, in front of me on that day was the Badak Hensem (Triton) and I took it's picture for your enjoyment. Do not say that i do not care about you. Do you get a hard on yet? Bwahahhahahahahhahahah

David (Daud)'s farewell dinner.
Standing from left: Eriticon, The Walter, Fong, Daud, Ben Han, Brendan, Fish, Gary
Sitting From Left: Denis, Ching Yin(? or something like that), The new solution girl for ACN called Princess, Me, Vee Meng

UMNO Asembly
I snapped these pics while stucking in a traffic jam next to PWTC.

I dont have anything against these makciks but somehow, but from my opinion because of them my country are not progressing well and i havent done enough for my country. These makciks are the one who are very happy to get return ticket(coaches/flight) from their home to KL, free hotel, free foods, kain batik, new UMNO uniforms once a year and because of that, they are happily to vote for UMNO anytime. Why do i say that? I have makciks as well at my hometown. The only thing that they talk to each other is that how nice UMNO is by giving them all those. They are just too happy in their current situation that nothing for them to complain about and they know nothing about current politic, their existence in the political scene is to vote a party that they know nothing about, while for me on the other side, which if God allows, I still have at least another 40 or 50 years to live and the future is a reflection on how current goverment manages the country and if this is the way my beloved country is heading, think I need to migrate somewhere else soon. No future here for me except those Ass-Kissers. If you want goverment project, you needs to kiss their asses, if you want chronies projects, you need to bribe them. What the hell?

The banners at a building that previously known as Yaohan opposite of PWTC where UMNO is having their annual assembly.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm missing my princess right now as she's having a day off today :(

5 Responses to Some stuffs

  1. Anonymous Says:
    People dun go up to Genting to be 'warm and comfy'! There are tons of places to be 'warm and comfy' in KL, try under ur mattress..

    The Princess
  2. Anonymous Says:
    olo3... rindu kt princess dia ea..
  3. Radius Says:
    Woit, so garang wan eh? asking me to go under my mattress somemore.

    Ngko jeles eh?
  4. ab Says:
    dim sum without me?? sampai hati tak ajak, kalau ko ajak pun bukannya aku boleh turun klang, nanti ada org tarik kereta.
  5. Radius Says:
    woit Lim... sorry last time ngko turun aku sibuk arrr... nanti ngko turun bila aku dah free sket aku bawak ngko gi Dim Sum either KLCC atau Equatorial Hotel (Bangi, buffet Dim Sum) . Aku memang ndak bawak ngko gi Dim Sum pun skali cam kita memuda dulu kat Lucky Chan dan hapa ke nama restaurant tuh kat Archerfield. Nanti sebelum ngko turun KL konpem ngan aku dulu.. dan aku bawak ngko.. makan Dim Sum bebanyak. Selamat bro

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