My Relationship

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My Princess has been asking me for few times, why do I need to plan for everything for the relationship. What she meant was not a plan like, what are we supposed to do tomorrow, next date, next month or such but why do I plan for every single step in our relationship? why have I been holding up a bit? why do i take time and think first before making another 'step' in relationship. The reason is, To Save It.
After several failed relationship in life, it has thought me how to handle relationship properly, the way that I think can make it last. I learn from my mistake and for sure, a fast-forward relationship won't last long. I believed in that. I once had a 1 month relationship that can be summarized into a 1 year relationship and that was because both side were pushing it too fast and somehow it killed the relationship itself.
Couple who are deep in love always blind. Blinded by their own affection. Following only your heart for sure will make things goes upside down but once u started using your brain, things get neutral and relax. But, fully focusing on brain will make the relationship dull and boring unless you date a robot instead so, a balanced view regarding relationship is very important :D
This post is inspired by Kenny Sia's Blog and on this specific post, he speaks my mind :D Read it, it has several good points on how to handle relationship properly and keeping the 'spark' alive.

While on the other hand, even though how much you try to hold on to your relationship and try to make it beautiful and interesting, if there's only one party who actually trying to build and make it happened while the other side is not working on it then better just forget the relationship itself. People do change. Yeah they do. I have seen them and somehow i never blame faith for the cause. I do appreciate of whatever happened in my current and previous relationships. It was all nice and lovely.

One thing for sure, never regret any relationships that went wrong. No matter how much time, money and effort being wasted for it, if it doesnt work then it doesnt work. Because the time while you were inside the relationship, spending time together, giving love and getting it back is PRICELESS. That what you have paid for. For me myself, even though i do nag of whatever happened in my previous relationship BUT deep inside i'm glad that i was there inside that specific relationship. Who want to be alone when you can have somebody to love and to love u back? Well, we can only plan while He is the one who decides :D

You guys have a nice day.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    brader halem and hatem, aku akan jual harte mende korang kat umah aku..aku buat garage sale..nanti aku akan calculate barang2 utk ko dan send the money over... -azman-
  2. Radius Says:
    ceh... aku tgh ndak jiwang jiwang nih... ngko gi bantai iklan garage sale ngko plak.. tak guner punya Man... potong stim
  3. lsann Says:
    Hey, potong stim! Now that surely isnt a Johor thingy, heard it in Klang too =) Why is it called potong stim, I wonder..

    Ya lor, people are on a romantic reflecting mood, then suddenly there is an advertisement break. Good advertising strategy though =D

    Agree bout the part on not regretting any past relationship, not matter how messy or bad it was. Cos there was definitely good times that would probably overwrite the bad ones.

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