Tea Obsession

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The Container

Well, I love teas especially after I stopped drinking coffee. I stopped drinking coffee about 4 months ago after diagnosed with high blood pressure. After switching to tea, I found it very relaxing provided correct tea is being drunk at a specific time. These are my tea collections:

I found this Lipton box when I was in Sydney for the first time. Mc Laren hotel to be specific during breakfast. They serve Lipton tea for breakfast and they put all of the teas inside this box. After that, I found this box again in Brisbane while shopping at Myer. Was thinking of buying it, but the price tag was super expensive (almost Au 100 for a box of tea!!!!). Then I decided not to buy it. Until recently, while asking my friends in Accenture who has this Lipton box, Ben Han who just came back from Melbourne told me that he has it at home and not using it anymore. It was just pure luck. The same Lipton box that I saw 6 years ago!!! and I got it for free. Cool eh? :D :D :D

The Teas

Twinnings Orange Pekoe Tea. No specific time that i drink this. Just drink it whenever i feel like
St Dalfur Peppermint Tea. The only tea that i take with honey while rest of the tea i take it bland, no sugar nor milk. I like it during hot, tiring afternoon. My afternoon tea :D

Boh Cameronian Gold Blend. Very nice, strong and rich from Boh. Very nice tea, I like it.
Twinnings Earl Grey. My favorite tea. Nice to have after dinner :D :D

Twinnings English Breakfast. The tea that my mom always put it into a hot flask and give it to me so that I can bring it to office. Love my mama
Twinnings Jasmine Green tea. Chinese tea blend. When I have it? I dunno... no specific time. Whenever i feel like

Twinnings Lady Earl Grey. No specific time for this tea. Whenever I feel like

So, those above are my teas. My tea obsession!!! :D :D
Have a nice day

11 Responses to Tea Obsession

  1. Anonymous Says:
    can i have that box?..(blinking eyes)...can lah can lah...

    - Miss PT
  2. ab Says:
    3 words "get new camera"
  3. Radius Says:
    Miss PT: i think u should do "doe eyes" instead of blinking your eyes to me :D :D. U want the box? Over my dead body. Hahahahhahahaah

    Gemuk: Woit.. u know i never had camera in my life. Thats from my phone, the Samsung. Its 2MB. Think need to swap it to new phone after this. Looking forward buying a PDA (HTC) :D :D Tgklah rezeki camner.
  4. azman Says:
    Ya..Cant even see word "Tea" in d pics mate..I thought they were bean bag instead.. ;p
  5. lsann Says:
    Hey Miss PTea! Long time no see.. the box isn't really spectacular also, looks more like a treasure chest from Pirates of the Caribbean =D The make-up box at Hot Market looks nicer, right Timmy? PTea, let him keep his box, we take his tea..

    Bean bags? Muahahaha.. yup, his Samsung 2MP lost to my Sony 2MP. Admitted but still degil some more. Samsung supporter. ngekngekngek...!

    Eh, but after u get ur PDA already, can i inherit it? as a 2nd phone la!! Haha
  6. Radius Says:
    Woit man.. ndak cari gaduh kar? Langgar ngan MR2 karang... ops.. MR2 dah takde.. langgar ngan Honda City karang.....

    Princess, still not sure when im gonna get that PDA. Wont be anytime sooner :D :D
  7. Anonymous Says:
    over ur dead body? huh...so u should dead first...hahahha...but if u dead...how about ur princess?(thinking mood)...heheh...heiii princess, ampuuuun...just kidding...

    hi sue...im always here, but just watching only...dunt have any idea to interrupt...hehe...

    im fall in luv with that box lah...huh kedekut,taknak bagi sudah...

    - Miss PT
  8. lsann Says:
    Miss PTea, he susah-payah got the box and u want him to give it to u? Haha, dream on i think! =D Feel like taking paint and painting it, probably red or something. Has no colour now, so boring.

    Oh, so u just 'monitor' his blog la..cos u are pelakon tambahan and I am watak utama. Hahahahahahaa! And Tim is the cameraman, with his Samsung 2MP.
  9. Radius Says:
    Well, if you want the box you can easily buy it from Ebay Australia and ask them to post it over here. Few days ago when i check it, it was going for AU 20. It came with few Lipton premium teas. The box look nicer and it was not just a pure wooden box. But the wooden box look classic!!! You can check the picture Here
    The teas included are Earl Grey, China Black, Irish Breakfast (uh????), Darjeeling and English Breakfast with total of 48 sachets. Anyway the postage itself might be more expensive than the tea itself :D :D
  10. Radius Says:

    forgot to put the URL. Paste the above link if u wanna see the pics on ebay website
  11. Anonymous Says:
    waaa the box really nice but.it's "kehendak" not "keperluan".so,let it go(damm,i really want it!!!!)...sigh :(

    ceshh...watak utama...n im pelakon tambahan cum director..ngeh3...that's why im just watching n sometimes giving a new comment to make this 'telenovela' more interesting...bwahahahha(evil laugh)...

    -Miss PT

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